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Ancient Man Pt. 4

  "Oh no, you can't be serious.  We're actually going to Guatemala?"  Peggie 
was not a happy camper.
     "Why do you think I had you bring your passport?"  Peggie knew that she 
shouldn't have been surprised,  but she didn't think that they would actually 
     Joshua Watkins had proved to be a very suspicious man.  His slimy-weet 
charm had been meant to throw them off the trail.  He was quite handsome and 
was known to be a 'lady killer'.  One look at these women and he knew what he 
must do.  They were getting too close.
     "Do you think Michael Patton is still alive?"  Miranda asked.  Peggie 
hesitated.  She wasn't quite sure.
     "I don't know, but I do know that something dangerous is going on."

     When they arrived in Mexico City, they had to figure out what  to do.  
Somehow they would have to make passage to Guatemala and then on to Tikal.  
But, until then, they decided to have some fun.  What was considered fun to 
and anthropologist and an archaeologist's daughter?  Why a museum, of course.  
They decided to go to an Anthropology Museum.  They came to a sign that said: 
Museo Nacional De Anthropologic.
     They had a very nice time looking at artifacts that didn't really have 
anything to do with their quest.  While they were walking, Tamika slipped her 
arm through Declan's arm and it felt very intimate.  Declan was busy trying 
to read the signals, but failed.
     When they were finished at the museum Tamika asked, "What should we do 
now?"  Their footsteps echoed in the courtyard of the museum.
     "Well, we have to get to Tikal and if I'm right, someone will come to us 
and provide us passage."  Declan liked the look of awe that he received from 
     "How do you know this?" Declan smiled.
     "Someone has been following us ever since we left the airport."
     Tamika shuddered as she realized the magnitude of what Declan was 
saying.  Instinctively, he moved to her side and held her.  She felt better 
knowing that he was there.
     Next, Declan noticed that they hadn't seen any people in the museum.  He 
had, at first, thought that it was because it was the middle of the afternoon 
and that people were taking siestas.  But, there were no tourists either.  He 
was puzzled.  They went to the offices.  On the door, they saw a sign: "All 
archaeologists are in the field."  
     They did see something before they left that would help them on their 
quest.  It was a map of where they were to go.  It was the Yucatan peninsula.
     They decided afterwards to walk around the marketplace.  They went from 
stall to stall looking at all of the beautiful objects.  While standing at a 
stall of beautiful headbands, a man approached them.  His name was Jaime 
     "Ah, these headbands are beautiful, but the headbands in Guatemala are 
more beautiful.  Do you need a guide?"  They eyed him suspiciously because 
they had not said that they were trying to get to Guatemala.
     "Just how do we get to Guatemala?"  Declan asked.
     "Es muy facil if you have the proper papers.  You need only to buy 
tickets."  Tamika caught another chill as she recognized the words from her 
nightmare.  Her eyes held the terror of recognition as well.  Declan became 
     "My uncle is in the travel business.  Here is his address.  He will help 
you get to your destination."  He was gone as quickly as he had appeared.
      "Are you all right?"  Declan asked.  Somehow her nightmare was coming 
     "What do you know about premonitions?"  she asked hauntingly.
     "I know - a little."  Declan replied.
     "What if my father is in danger?"  It was highly possible that Michael 
Patton was in trouble, but he didn't want to tell her that.
     They went to the address that was given to them by Jaime Rojas.  When 
they arrived, they were eyed suspiciously by Jaime's uncle.  They were told 
to meet him that night at the main bus station at 8:30.
     Declan and Tamika went back to the hotel to freshen up and to eat and 
arrived back at Mr. Rojas' at 8:30.
     "Are you ready to leave??  he asked hurriedly.  Even though they felt 
uneasy,  they knew that if they didn't go no, they would not be able to go at 
     "From here we go to Villahermosa, Tabasco and then to Tenosique town.  
It's on the river.  This will put you in Guatemala quickly."
     Declan was uneasy.  He realized that he was putting them both in danger, 
but Tamika was determined to continue the search for her father.
     As they bumped along the dusty road in the middle of the night, Tamika 
dozed and leaned heavily onto Declan's shoulder.  It felt good having her 
there. He placed his arm around her and held her.
     Jaime's uncle, Manuel, turned and looked at them.  He didn't know why 
Senor Watkins wanted them brought to Guatemala.  He just did as he was told.
     Declan wondered if they were going to Guatemala of their own free will 
or not.
     They drove across the great plateau of Central Mexico to the state of 
Veracruz.  They entered the Tuxtla mountains.  Declan noticed that some of 
the mountains were actually active volcanoes.  He could see them glowing and 
billowing in the distance.  He looked at his 'hosts'.  They didn't seem to be 
worried by the sight of the volcanoes.
     When they reached a certain spot that he assumed was Tenosique town.  
They were joined by a Mayan named Chan, who brought food: black beans, and 
     Manuel left and they didn't see him for the remainder of the night.  
Tamika expressed concern.
     "Do you think that we'll be abandoned?" she asked as they ate their 
beans and tortillas.  Declan didn't know which scenario was worse: being 
abandoned or being with that Manuel character.
     "We'll be all right."  Declan answered, but, he wasn't sure.
     "I'll tell you what, if it makes you feel better, I'll write a note."  
He took a small memo pad from his pocket as well as a stub of pencil and 
started writing.  He was doing this solely to make her feel better.
     "We'll say that we are being kidnapped and are headed for Tikal.  If 
Manuel is reliable,  we won't have to use it."  He folded it up and put it in 
his shoe.  Tamika knew that he was being silly, but she thought that it was 
sweet of him to try to ease her mind.
      After a very uncomfortable night's sleep on the hard ground,  Declan and 
Tamika woke to a breakfast of the same black beans and tortillas.  When they 
finished eating, they were told that they could explore the area.  They 
didn't waste any time.  They began walking.  Tamika looked hopeful, but 
Declan knew that they would not be allowed to explore if they could actually 
get anywhere.
     "Look!"  Tamika said excitedly.
     Just ahead,  they saw a group of archaeologists working on a structure 
with glyphs carved on a big stair.  They started to approach one of the 
archaeologists, when Manuel  suddenly came from the jungle.
     "You moved a lot quicker than they thought you would.  We need to leave;
the pilot is waiting."
     Once in the air, Manuel explained that they were following the west side 
of the Yaxchilan River.
     "There was a lost city there.  It used to be my father's favorite site." 
  She tried not to let him see the tears in her eyes, but he did.
     They entered the mouth of the Passion River and headed for Sayache.
     "What's that?"  Tamika asked pointing to a group of people and trucks.
     "It looks like a military checkpoint."  Declan answered.  He mentally 
memorized the area.
     Again, Tamika slept,  and after awhile, Declan slept as well.  He dreamt 
that they were standing near a temple in the middle of the jungle.  Tamika 
was smiling and she was really beautiful.  All of a sudden, three jaguars 
came tearing out of the jungle and started tearing her apart.  Declan heard 
screaming and realized that Tamika really was screaming.
     Tamika had been dreaming as well and was most probably having a 
     "It's okay.  Shhh!"  He held her tightly and kissed her forehead. 
     "I'm here.  You're safe."  He didn't know if that statement was accurate. 
 Tamika was now sobbing as she clung to him.  He soothed her until she was 
finally able to go back to sleep.  He had to get them out of here. 

Ancient Man Pt. 5