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Ancient Man Pt. 6

  Declan came over to her.  She was trembling.  Declan felt really bad about 
letting things go this far.  He thought that he could handle things.  He had 
been wrong, and now look where they were.  He put his arms around her and 
held her tightly.
     "I am so sorry."  he said quietly.  Tamika looked up at him.  She could 
feel the emotion behind his words.
     "Declan, it's not your fault, it's my fault for bringing you on this 
crazy quest."  They both laughed nervously and then suddenly got quiet.  
Declan cradled her face in his hands.  He sighed heavily.  He knew that 
Tamika had originally wanted to put their relationship on hold.  He looked at 
her now; he wanted her.
     She looked at him.  She understood what the look on his face meant.
     "Declan, I. . ."  she had been going to say that she wasn't ready yet, 
but she realized that was not true.  She wanted him.
    It was Tamika that made the first move, in fact, Declan was quite 
surprised when she began kissing him.  Her kiss was so sensual, Declan 
shuddered with emotion.  He knew that once he started,  he wouldn't be able 
to stop.  He pleaded for sanity.
     "Tamika, are you sure, because I'm not sure that I can stop."  She 
looked into his eyes and said,  "I am sure."  That was all that needed to be 
said before Declan started kissing her. He was lost in her arms;  he knew 
that it would be this way.  He murmured sweet nothings in her ear and finally 
stopped to look at her.
     "I love you."  He said breathlessly.  He could barely make out the tears 
in her eyes.  He brushed them away and began kissing her again.  This time, 
Tamika stopped.  He had, at first thought that she had changed her mind.  He 
looked at her questioningly,  Tamika moved to remove Declan's glasses and put 
them safely out of the way.  She continued kissing him as he pulled her down 
on top of him.

Your Love Pursues:
It's me again
I know you know
I wandered off but I've nowhere left to go
So many times 
Why do you forgive 
And take me back no matter what my story is
Yes, I know, you love me so
What can I say

I wanna love this true
I wanna run to you 
Tell me, how can a heart refuse 
I wonder what you see
That you would run to me
Oh, I love that your love pursues 

Through ups and downs
And in-betweens
I fall away more than I am following
If I were you
I'd have given up
But you chase me down with your unrelenting love
Yes, I know, you love me so
What can I do

I hear you here, say 
"Have no fear
Don't be afraid" 
Turn me around
I'll turn around
I won't turn away

Written by Jason Davis, John Di Grazio & Grant Cunningham 
(c) 2000 Infinity Music / ASCAP / River Oaks Music (admin. by EMI Christian 
Music Publishing) /Imagine This Music (admin. by EMI Christian Music 
Publishing) /BMI 

     As she slept,  she saw herself surrounded by jaguars again.  They were 
closing in when suddenly she saw herself looking up.  She had found some 
stones and was stacking them one on top of the other and she was climbing 
toward the ceiling and away from the jaguars.  She was up near the ceiling 
now, when she saw a small hole.  She started digging until the hole was big 
enough for her to fit through.  She ran into the arms of her father.
     Tamika awoke with a start and slipped on her clothes.  Hearing her, 
Declan woke up as well.
     "Tamika, are you all right?"  he asked sleepily.  She was fully awake.
    "I know how to get out."  she said suddenly.  Declan, who was not fully 
awake, followed Tamika blindly. She had begun pulling rocks and dragging huge 
boulders over to the center of the room.
     "W-What are you doing?"  Declan asked.  She was struggling to pull the 
big rocks over.
     "Help me, Declan."  This seemed to wake Declan up a little.  He started 
helping her.  They worked silently for a few moments until the stack was 
pretty tall.
     "Are you going to tell me now what you're doing?"  he asked.
     "There's a way out up here in the ceiling."
     Together, the two of them made a huge rubble pile.  They finally reached 
a wooden beam high in the vault.  The beam was too rotten to stand on, so 
they pulled and pulled until it fell away from the wall.  Part of the vault 
came away with it half burying Raul's body and causing Tamika to lose her 
balance.  She landed hard on her knees causing her jeans to rip and her knees 
to bloody.  Declan was immediately concerned.
     "I'm all right.  Just push as hard as you can on that spot."  Tamika 
climbed back up to help him and together they pushed the capstone until it 
finally dislodged.
     "We did it!"  Tamika said excitedly as they scurried through the hole 
they had made.
     They traveled a little ways along the path where they found their 
     "They wanted it to look as if we came here on our own."  Declan muttered.
     "Let's follow this path."  Declan said as he retrieved his flashlight 
from his pack.
     On the path now, Tamika found something else.
     "It's a hat.  It's my dad's hat."  In the meantime, Declan had seen 
something else.
     "Look up there.  There's a light on top of the pyramid.  This trail 
leads there.  Let's go!"

     Two hundred feet above Tamika and Declan, Manuel and Watkins watched the 
light that suddenly appeared on the trail below.
     "Who the hell ___" Manuel hissed.
     "I don't know,"  Watkins interrupted.  
     "We can only wait and see."
     Both men watched as the light bobbed up the trail closer and closer.

     Declan and Tamika continued to the summit as if they were being pulled 
by Patton's light.
     On top of the pyramid, Tamika saw her father.
     "Dad!"  she cried and burst into tears. "Dad!"
     Patton stood looking at them dumbfounded.  His first thought was that 
he was hallucinating.  Here before him was his daughter and a young man.
     When her father didn't respond, she had a chilling feeling.  It was 
happening just as in her dream; he didn't recognize her.  She wanted to break 
the strange spell.
     "Dad, we've got to get out of here.  Watkins is going to kill us.!"
      Hearing Watkins' name, seemed to bring Patton back to reality.  He was 
not hallucinating after all.   
     "Tamika!"  he ran to her and enfolded her in a bear hug and then reached 
out to shake Declan's hand.
     "Dad, this is Declan Dunne.  He has helped me all along the way and is 
very special."  Patton gave Declan's hand an extra squeeze when he caught the 
meaning of Tamika's words.
     "I want details, but not now.  There's something that I have to do this 
minute or I won't have another chance."  Michael Patton began running around 
checking his instruments and his watch.  Tamika, clearly, did not understand 
what was going on.
     "But, Dad, we're in danger.  You don't  understand. . ."
     "I do, believe me.  Bear with me for just a few more moments."
     In the east, they could see a billion stars, so it was easy enough to 
find the horizon as he looked through the telescope to find what he wanted.  
All he had to wait  was a minute or two, and then a bright star winked into 
sight above the tree line.  It was Venus, the morning star.  The Maya had 
called it Xux ek, "The Wasp Star" or Chac Ek, "The Red Star" and considered 
it a bad omen.
     Patton looked through the telescope at the bright star and noted the 
precise angle on the degree dial.  He rechecked the angle and began writing 
in a small notebook.  He unfolded a large map and, using a protractor,  he 
began to pencil in the angle readings.
     "Dad, if we stay, Watkins will find us.  We have to go."
     "It's almost time.  I can't go now, or I won't have all the data I need. 
 I don't want to risk your safety, so you and your young man go down that 
path.  It leads to the Jungle Inn.  Tell them everything; they'll protect 
     "Sir, we don't want to leave you here."  Declan said after he saw the 
concern on Tamika's face.
      "Fine, fine but stay close to me.  I just need to take this transit 
     The first sunbeams of morning were touching the rooftop behind Patton.  
As he stepped onto the transit, he looked out onto the horizon.  He then 
checked his telescope one more time.
     There on the horizon, almost too low to be seen, was a solid shape.  It 
wasn't a tree; it was more like a mound and with a tiny patch of white.  It 
was stone.  That's a mound, he thought. It's far - about twenty-five 
kilometers away.
     "That must be it."  he said aloud. "Either that's the Jaguar City, or 
there's a site line there that will lead beyond to the lost city."
     Patton drew away from the transit and blinked.  The sunlight was too 
strong; everything seemed to be bathed in blue light.  When he turned to look 
at Tamika, he was staring down the barrel of Manuel's rifle.  Behind Rojas, 
covering Tamika and Declan, stood Watkins.
     "Congratulations, Professor Patton, on the greatest discovery of your 
career.  Now,  hand over your notes and the map, please."
     "Damn you, Watkins," Patton said and handed the items over.
     "At least let my daughter and her friend go.  They don't know what this 
is about."
     "But, you see, I can't do that now; however, I'm not an unreasonable 
man, I will return your daughter's little trinket."  He tossed the jade 
pendant toward Tamika.
     "Let's all go down now.  Manuel first, then you and them."  He called to 
     "Vamenos, hombre!"
     Tamika was visibly shaken as she pressed against Declan for support.  
Her fingers trembled with emotion as she placed the pendant on Declan's neck.
     "I love you, Declan."  she whispered.
     Before Declan could respond, he heard Manuel say, "Senor Watkins, a 
helicopter!  Look!"
     "That's odd."  Watkins said glancing at the large helicopter coming 
across the treetops.
     "Hurry up!"  He motioned toward the rubble trail as the sound of the 
helicopter reached them.
     While Watkins and Manuel were preoccupied with the helicopter, Patton 
     "You and Declan hang back with me.  We'll be safest up here.  The Maya 
knew. . ."
     Emiliano Guzman was on top of Temple III.  He had remained idle since 
giving the signal that Patton was approaching, but that had been hours 
before.  He had started to become more active when he saw Tamika and Declan 
approach, but he now saw that things were under control again.  When he saw 
that they were preparing to descend,  he started to descend as well.
     Halfway down, Emiliano paused.  He noticed that the bushes were 
quivering, but there was no wind.  The movement was coming from below him as 
if from the very depths of the earth.
     Suddenly, part of the mound broke apart and the rubble started sliding 
downhill pulling Emiliano with it.  Dios mio, thought Emiliano, un tremblor!  
Earthquake!  He hurriedly ran off into the woods.          
     As he reached a certain point, he stopped for some reason.  Suddenly, a 
huge tree uprooted and fell.  Before he could get away, his leg was trapped.  
He frantically tried to remove his leg, but to no avail.  Then, he saw 
someone approaching.  It was a woman - a Mayan woman.
     "Thank God you are here."  Emiliano cried.  He turned his head to see 
her better, because Rosana Uc said nothing.  The last thing Emiliano saw was 
the hate reflected in Rosana's eyes and the piece of tree limb that began to 
swing toward his head. 

Ancient Man Pt. 7