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Ancient Man Pt. 8


      It was Christmas Eve.  The snow wa gently falling and everything looked
like a Christmas card.
     Tamika and Michael Patton were at Tamika's house ready to receive their
new friends.
     "I'm so happy, Daddy."  Michael understood even more now that Tamika had
told him everything about Declan, and Michael knew that Declan held a special
place in her heart.
     The doorbell rand and Tamika eagerly went to answer it.  It was Declan,
Peggie and Miranda.
     "Hi, guys.  Come on in."  They came in and everyone noticed as Declan
kissed Tamika.
     Tamika and her father had cooked a fantastic dinner and they all
exchanged presents.  Declan thought about the special gift that he had for
Tamika, later.  All in all, it was a really fun evening.
     Declan, though, was glad to see everyone go.
     "I thought they'd never leave."  he said mischieviously.
     "By the way, I have something for you."  Declan gave her the small box
and Tamika was suddenly afraid to open it.  But,  she did.
     "It's the jade necklace."  Declan had given it back to her.
     "I knew it meant a lot to you and I was really touched that you gave it
to me, but I know you only did it because you thought we were going to die." 
He saw the hurt look on her face and knew that she had misunderstood his
     "Look closely."  he said softly.
     Next to the jade necklace on the  square bed of cotton, was a ring.
     The first thing that Declan did was place the jade necklace around her
neck.  He then took the ring and placed it on her finger.  She had not
answered, so Declan looked in her eyes asking for an answer.
     "Yes, of course, yes."  she threw herself into Declan's arms, and they
     Neither one of them noticed the twinkle in the jaguars eyes as if he
approved of them.

 *   Title : ANCIENT MAN              *
 *  Artist : Burlap to Cashmere       *
 *   Album : Anybody out there (98)  *
 * Written by Steven Delopoulos       *
 *               and John Philippidis *

Ancient Man:
Do you believe in ancient destiny?
This food you've been givin me,
Is making me blind, ya see.
My soul needs to be,
My soul needs to be,

 So many times you won.
 So many souls you burned.

  Ancient man, where are you roaming?
  I cannot follow the dream.
  Ancient man, why are you crying?
  I cannot follow the schemes.
  You came to me with open arms,
  and stuff.
  You said you had holy bread.
  Man, ya know that was just
  wonder bread.
  Look here, my soul needs to be,
  My soul needs to be,



(c)1997 Steven Delopoulos Publishing (ASCAP)/
 Trippy Stick Publishing (ASCAP)/J.Ernest Publishing (ASCAP)