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Deserved Part 2

Face opened the car door for her and waited for her to get in.  He
walked to the other side of the car, got in and just stared at
her.  "You're so beautiful," he said again.  She blushed.  "I know it
probably sounds like a con coming from me, but I am falling head over
heels in love with you" he whispered in her ear as he leaned over to
kiss her.  "I believe you.  I am very much in love with you also". 
Their lips met as they kissed for at least two minutes.  "I guess we
better get going if we want to make our dinner reservations on time"
Face said smiling.

After a nice quiet dinner at a very romantic Italian restaurant, Face
and Christina drove to the beach.  They walked hand in hand by the
shore and enjoyed each other's company.  They stopped several times
along their walk and held each other close and kissed.

After they got back to the house, they kissed and said goodnight to
each other.  Face went up to Murdock's room and knocked on the door. 
Murdock came to the door rubbing his sleepy eyes.  "Faceman, is
everything alright?  It's after midnight." Murdock asked.  Face
entered his room and sat down on Murdock's bed.  "Everything is
perfect, Murdock.  I'm in love.  I'm really in love this time.  She's
incredible.  I've never met anyone like her before".  Murdock just
stared at Face and then sat down on the bed beside his love-struck
friend.  "That's great, man.  I'm really happy for you.  She does
seem to be a great gal".  Murdock yawned.  Face turned to face
Murdock on the bed.  "I want to marry her, Murdock.  I want to make
her my wife.  I can't imagine my life without her another day". 
Murdock just continued to stare.  "Are you serious?  We're on the run
from the military.  That's no life for her.  Always on the run. 
Always looking over our shoulders watching out for Decker."  Face
knew he was telling the truth.  "I don't care.  I love her and I want
to spend the rest of my life with her.  I'm going to ask her to marry
me tomorrow night.  Will you keep her busy tomorrow long enough for
me to buy her an engagement ring?"  Murdock gave up.  "Yeah.  All I
ask is that you talk to Hannibal tonight before you do anything". 
Face agreed.  He went over to Hannibal's room and explained the whole
situation to him.  "I'm happy for you, Face.  However, I tend to
agree with Murdock.  We're fugitives and that's not exactly marriage
material.  But…I know how you feel and if you still want to go
through with this, then we'll figure something out."  Face started
grinning.  "Thanks, Hannibal".  Face then went back to Murdock's room
and figured out a way to distract Christina while he went
shopping.  "Congratulations, Face.  I'm really happy for you". 
Murdock said as they embraced.  "Thanks, Murdock."  Face left and
Murdock was asleep before his head touched his pillow.

The next morning, Face sneaked out of the house quietly without being
heard by anyone.  Christina got up and started cleaning up the house
as she usually did.  Everyone else was up by this time.  She made
them all breakfast.  "Where's Face?  Isn't he going to eat with us
this morning?" Christina asked.  Hannibal replied, "I sent him out to
tie up a few loose ends on this case.  I think we're close to getting
Christopher out of your hair.  All we have to do is prove that he's
threatening you and we can have him locked up for attempted murder."
Christina smiled. "You make it sound simple.  I hope it will be." 
Murdock quietly breathed a sigh of relief.  "Hey, Chris.  I was
hoping that maybe you could take me over to the studio after
breakfast.  I'd like to hear you and the guys play again.  I really
enjoyed myself the other day."  Chris smiled.  "Sure.  That'd be
fun.  Hannibal will you let Face know where we are if he gets back
here first?"  Hannibal nodded his head "Sure thing, kid."  Murdock
looked at Hannibal and faintly smiled.  "Oh and Hannibal, there's
something I need to talk to you about.  Do have a minute?"  Hannibal
stood up from the table and said "Sure.  Let's go outside".  They
walked outside and stood by the pool.

"What's on your mind?" Hannibal asked.  "I've been doing a lot of
thinking lately.  I really would like for the team to move in and
live here with me.  Before you say anything, I've already got
everything planned out so well.  You could live in this house and
never be discovered by Decker or anyone else."  Hannibal looked
surprised.  "I don't follow you," he said.  "I know.  What you don't
know is that this house has secret rooms, secret hallways and even
secret passages that no one knows about.  Nicky and I built them when
I first moved here.  There's a secret passage in every room of this
house except the living room and the kitchen.  Even the garage is
perfect for an escape.  Would you like me to show you?"  He shook his
head yes and she led him to the garage.  "We'll start here in the
garage.  As you noticed, it holds three vehicles.  Let's walk over
here and I'll show you what I mean".  They walked over to B.A.'s
van.  "Let's get in and I'll walk you through it."  They got in with
Christina in the driver's seat.  "If you ever get cornered in the
garage, just press this button on this support beam.  There's one on
each beam."  She pressed the button and the van started to lower down
into a hidden cavern under the house.  Hannibal's eyes widened.  "As
you notice, there's a monitor that shows the activity in the garage. 
The space where the van was parked is now replaced by a concrete slab
that is completely unnoticeable.  When it's safe, you just press this
button and you'll return to the original spot.  It takes
approximately five seconds to lift and lower the vehicles.  If for
any reason that you need to get out, there's a staircase to the left
that leads to the basement.  I'd rather you not turn on the ignition
due to carbon monoxide, but it is well ventilated.  I'm one for being
safe instead of sorry."  Hannibal nodded and then spoke.  "This is
incredible, Chris".  She smiled.  "Thanks.  I designed and installed
it myself.  Let's go back up to the garage."  She pressed the button
and the van went back into the garage as if it had never moved.  She
continued to show him every secret passage and room in the
house.  "Now will you consider living here with me?  I really have
gotten used to having you around.  You've got to live somewhere.  Why
not here?"  Hannibal replied, "Let me talk it over with the team and
I'll get back to you.  I do have to admit though; you have every
little detail worked out.  What I don't understand is why you had it
built?"  She smiled and said "I wanted it done because I had seen it
done in so many movies, but Christopher did have a little bit to do
with it.  It sure was fun".  "Yeah, I bet it was.  I'll let you know
before you go to bed tonight".  "Thanks Hannibal."

Christina and Murdock left after breakfast and went to the studio
down the road where all of the celebrities made their movies.  It was
also a place where the professional musicians went to hang out and
practice their music.  Christina was often invited by The Monkees,
Dennis Quaid, and other celebrities to hang out and play the piano
with them.  They walked in the door after being checked in by
security.  "Hey, guys!" Davey Jones of the Monkees said with a huge
smile.  "Hey, yourself". Christina replied.  "Mind if I play a few
songs with you?"  she asked.  "Not at all.  Davey's starting to sound
flat," Mickey Dolenz said smiling at Davey.  Christina played the
piano with the guys as Murdock sat back and had a really great time.

Meanwhile, Face had just purchased the ring and was showing it to
B.A. and Hannibal.  "I can't believe you're really gonna go through
with this, man.  But, I'm really happy for you" B.A. said
smiling.  "Thanks, B.A.".  Face said as he shook B.A.'s hand.  "Does
Murdock still have Christina busy?" asked Face.  "Yeah.  He should be
back anytime now."  Hannibal told Face and B.A. about Christina's
offer of staying at the house and all of the secret hideaways inside
the house.  "You're kidding, right Hannibal?" Face asked.  Hannibal
nodded no and said, "You wanted to marry her, didn't you?  This is
perfect.  Not just for you, but for us also.  We all can live here
and be one big happy family".  Face and B.A. just grinned at each
other.  "Everything's working out perfect.  It's like it's too good
to be true.  I just hope nothing goes wrong."  Face said.  "We're
going to go out of our way to make sure nothing goes wrong". 
Hannibal replied.

"Murdock.  We've been here a few hours.  I'm getting hungry.  Can we
go back to the house and get some lunch?"  Christina asked.  "Yeah. 
I'm getting hungry, too."  Murdock and Christina left the studio and
went back to her house.  On the way home, Christina and Murdock
stopped by KFC and got enough take-out for the entire team.  They got
back to her house and everyone ate lunch.  Face kept staring at
Christina and she finally spoke.  "What is it?" she asked.  Hannibal
spoke up.  "Well, we have two things to tell you.  First, we wanted
to let you know that Christopher was arrested this morning and will
be sent to prison for a very long time.  Second, we want to take you
up on your offer to live here."  Christina smiled the biggest smile
since they had met.  "It's over?  It's really over?"  She asked. 
B.A. shook his head yes and said, "It's really over".  "Thank you so
much.  Not only for taking care of Christopher but for agreeing to
live here.  I promise I won't get in your way and you'll have as much
privacy as you want.  Thank you so much".  "Now you and Face will be
able to spend more time together".  Murdock said.  They just smiled. 
She got up from the table and said "Wait right here.  I'll be back in
just a second".  Everyone looked at each other with puzzled faces. 
She came back to the table with four boxes.  She handed one box to
each member of the team.  "What is this for?" Face asked.  "It's for
doing the job that I hired you for.  I hired you to take care of
Christopher and that's what you did.  That is your pay."  They looked
inside the boxes in disbelief.  "There's one million dollars for each
of you." Face just shook his head.  "That's too much money", Hannibal
replied.  "Guys.  I have more money than I know what to do with. 
Putting Christopher in prison is worth more than four million dollars
to me any day.  Please accept the money.  You've helped so many
people over the years that weren't able to pay you.  B.A., you said
yourself that a child came to you once asking for your help and he
only had a dollar.  You helped him.  You really care about the people
that you help.  That's what makes you so special.  This is for all
the people that you've helped that weren't able to pay you.  I've got
the money and I want you to have it and I'm not taking no for an
answer.  Hannibal that could buy you a lot of cigars.  Murdock that
could buy Billy a lot of hamburgers and dog snacks.  B.A., just think
how the money can help your mama and all the kids in her
neighborhood.   Face, think of the corvettes you could buy." 
Everyone had really big smiles on their faces.  "I'm paying you in
cash because I figured a check might get tipped off to the wrong
people."  "Chris.  Thank you.  Not only for the money, but also for
giving us someone to believe in.  Someone to trust.  Somewhere to
hideout and somewhere to live." Face said.  "You're more than
welcome."  She smiled.  "Face, I have to admit that you are one lucky
man to find a woman like Christina."  Hannibal said with much
sincerity.  "Yeah, I know.  She's the best".  Face stood up and
kissed Christina.

"Later that night, Face drove Christina to the beach.  They got out
of his car and sat down on the hood.  "It's so beautiful here." She
said.  "Not nearly as beautiful as you".  She blushed.  Face got down
on one knee and pulled a velvet box from his jacket pocket.  He took
her hand in his and looked very deeply into her eyes.  "Christina,
I'm in love with you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you. 
Will you marry me?"  Tears started streaming down her face as she
said "Yes."  They embraced and passionately kissed.  He placed the
ring on her finger and both were filled with love.

The next day Christina and Face announced their engagement to the
team.  They were greeted with hugs and congratulations.  Christina
called all her family and friends and told everyone the wonderful
news.  Deserved Part 3