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Eye of the Beholder

I wrote this story as an answer to the whole Mary Sue question.  This character,  whom I've written about before, closely resembles me.  I usually don't make my female characters black unless I feel that the male counterpart would 'go for' a black girl.  I often speculate what would it be like if she were 'Black like me'.  I wrote a much better Nubiangeek story for the Lone Gunmen.  this story was just something that I threw together for the Mary Sue thing.  Oh,  I also address the fact that,  on the show whenever there was a black girl in trouble,  B.A. got the girl.  That doesn't happen in my story :)

(I couldn't resist the Egyptian theme--hee hee--KelticGeek, Webmistress).

Title:  The Eye of the Beholder or The Nubiangeek meets the A-Team
Author:  Who Else? The Nubiangeek
Summary:  You wanted Mary Sue?  You got 'er.  She's equipped with a little spice!
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:  I don't own the A-Team,  but it sure is fun to write about them!

    Quisha Jones swung down the street with a fancy free air.  She was on her way to rehearsal.  Life was good.  They had just sold their first record and had a concert date coming up.  Everything was great!
    When she arrived at the rehearsal hall,  everything was set.  She went up on stage and said hello to the director who was setting the numbers.
     "Hey baby,  you're managers are supposed to be here today.  are you ready to give them a show?"  Quisha rolled her eyes.  These imaginary managers had mysteriously given her the money t
o  start her recording career two years earlier.  Since then,  they had overseen everything from somewhere else.  It had worked out great,  but she had never met them.  She just decided to go on business as usual'.  they probably wouldn't show anyway.

    "So, you're telling us that you invested some more of our money without our permission?"  Hannibal asked unbelievably.  B.A. approached Face angrily.
    "You trying to lose more of our money,  Fool?"  Face stepped back and tried to explain.
    "Look,  I hear that she's real good. . ."  Everybody looked at him as if this was something they went through a lot.
    "A girl.  We might have known.  Wait a minute,  you haven't even heard her?"  Murdock just shook his head.
    "Oh come on, the least we can do is go hear the girl."  Face whined.  they knew that they would all end up going to hear the girl  especially after Face whined.
    "She's going to be at Bennett auditorium,  but we can watch her rehearse this afternoon."  It was no use to fight it.   They would go.

    Quisha was in the middle of a soft,  sultry song when the four men walked in.  She knew,  or sensed,  right away that they were the mysterious managers.  She laid back and belted out a slow groove.
    When the song was over,  she headed out to meet them.  She could tell that each one of them was sizing her up in different ways.  She looked for signs of lust.
     "Hi,  I'm Quisha Jones.  And you are. . . ?"  They all looked at each other  to see who was going to introduce.  Face took up the reins.
    "Well,  first of all,  we're the A-Team.  I'm Templeton Peck,  call me Face."  Face,  of course,  put on the charm,  but Quisha felt as if this was something that he did automatically and that it wasn't directed toward her.  
    "This is B.A. Baracus."  Quisha laughed inwardly.  Why was it that whenever there was a black guy,  they always tried to hook her up with him.  This guy was cute,  but he wasn't her type.  It looked as if B.A. was also used to this phenomenon.  She wanted to be careful not to lead him on.
    "This is Hannibal Smith,  our leader."  The look that this man was giving was not one of lust,  but rather the way a father looks at a child.  She smiled when she met him.
    "And this is Murdock.  He's crazy."  Murdock saluted as if he were agreeing with Face.  Quisha smiled again,  but from this man she felt something strange.  It wasn't really lust,  but more a shy attraction.  This guy was more her type.

    Quisha went back on stage to continue her rehearsal.  The rest of the afternoon was spent on a big dance number that would take some time.  
Quisha tried hard to keep her mind on the rehearsal,  but her mind kept wandering back to the tall,  skinny guy with the baseball hat. He was cool!
     The rehearsal went smoothly, so Quisha was looking forward to a relaxing evening in a bubble bath and a night with the latest Catherine Coulter novel.  Tomorrow she had to go to the recording studio to lay down tracks for her new album.  The new album was going to be sweet.  She was writing all of her own stuff now and life was good.  Thanks to my invisible managers,  she thought.
    Quisha needed to stop by her office to pick up some papers about an endorsement that she was considering.  When she walked into her office,  she saw that it had been trashed.
    "Damn!"  She rarely swore,  but her new leather couch had been ripped apart.
     "Oh, I see that someone has decided to redecorate your office.  Do you have many enemies?"  Hannibal was being sarcastic,  but  she could read the concern in his face.
     "I didn't think that I had any enemies, but the music business can be treacherous."  Quisha was also being sarcastic,  but she was a little scared.
    "Look,  sometimes I get letters from crazy fans and stuff,  but this doesn't look like some thing that a fan would do.  It looks as if someone was looking for something."  Quisha looked as if she didn't know what they could be looking for.
    "Why don't we protect our investment."  Hannibal said to the rest of the team.  they all agreed.
     "I'll protect her."  The usually quiet captain piped in.  They all looked at him.  It was usually Face who would suggest something like this and,  when the girl was black,  it was usually B.A. who spoke up.
    "Alright,  Murdock why don't you stick close to Ms. Jones.  The rest of us will keep an eye from the outside.
    Murdock smiled like he had found a treasure and he didn't have to share it with anyone.  Quisha was thinking that she could save the bath for another night or,  hey,  her tub was big enough for two.

     "Come on in."  Quisha said when they arrived at her condo.  It was your typical star's condo,  except maybe not as austintacious as some.  the foyer had a cathedral ceiling so that you could see the railings of the second and third floors.  The railing were hung with tapestries and the wall with modern art.
    Off to one side there was an indoor pool encased by glass.  this was one of Quisha favorite places besides her huge tub.  
    "Would you like something to drink?  I'm afraid I don't have liquor,  but I have soft drinks and juice."  Now that Murdock was actually here,  Quisha was starting to get nervous.
    "Anything's fine."  Murdock immediately went over and plopped down on Quisha's couch.
    "Nice place you got here.  Is that a pool out there?"  Quisha had returned with the drinks.
    "Yeah, you like to swim?"  Quisha was talking about swimming,  now she was looking at Murdock and she was not thinking about swimming any longer.  Murdock who had caught her eyes was now staring at her as well.
     "Why did you volunteer to keep an eye on me?"  Murdock laughed it off.  she wished that he would be serious.
      "I wanted to get to know you."  He finally said.  The air was electric.  Murdock leaned over and kissed her softly on her full lips.  He hesitated slightly and then lowered his head again for another taste.  Quisha pulled him over so that he was directly above her.  again Murdock hesitated long enough to look into her caramel colored eyes.  Quisha smiled.  Murdock's eyes had turned smoky with desire.

    "We've searched the studio for those demo tracks,  Mr. King.  Maybe she has them at her house."  
    Bart King was in the music business,  only slightly.  His pattern was to still music from new artists and publish it as his own.  Quisha Jones had just started writing her own music,  so she was ripe for the plucking.  all he had to do was steal the demo tracks and re-record it with another artist.  
the plan was perfect.
    "Okay,  send Bernie and Lance over to the girl's place and find those demos."  Bart was actually on a deadline.  He had to steal them before she released her album.
    "What if the girl's there?"  Bart's face slid into a slick smile.
    "Do whatever you want with her."  The other man smiled as he caught Bart's meaning.
    Bernie and Lance went to Quisha's condo.  They looked up at the window that was obviously lit by candlelight.  She was home.  Bernie and Lance smiled at each other as they realized this.  They didn't realize that Hannibal,  Face and B.A. were watching from the van in the shadows.
    "Who do you think those guys are,  Hannibal?"  B.A.  asked quietly.
    Hannibal didn't answer right away.  It was as if he were already contemplating what he was going to do with the men instead of who they were.
    They watched Bernie and Lance as they crept stealthily up to the house.  The team slipped silently from the van and decided to follow Bernie and Lance up to the house.

      Meanwhile,  Quisha and Murdock were in Quisha's tub.  
They had made love right there on the couch and were now relaxing in the tub.
      "Murdock,  did you think that you would be sitting this evening with a black woman in a bubble bath when you woke up this morning?"  Murdock cracked a smile.  It was that little devious smile he got when he was being funny.
    "No,  actually I thought we would be mud wrestling in Vegas,  but we can't have everything."  He reached for her and kissed her solidly on the lips.
     In the background,  a soulful Luther Vandross was playing and the candlelight bounced off the walls.  It was a perfect evening with a perfect companion.
      Bernie and Lance picked the lock of Quisha's front door.  Even though they were instructed that they could do 'whatever' to Quisha,  they worked silently.  they moved to the living room where huge bookcases stood.  Bernie and Lance started the task of going through everything on the shelves.  They didn't hear Hannibal and the gang as they came through the already opened door.  This was Bernie and Lance's mistake.
    "Okay,  turkeys, freeze."  Hannibal and the gang stood there with their guns trained on Bernie and Lance.
    "Who are you?"  The surprised thugs asked.  Hannibal just smiled.
    "We're friends of Quisha's.  Who're you?"  Of course,  Bernie and Lance didn't want to tell Hannibal who they worked for.  They needed a little persuasion like a gun in their faces.
    "Alright,  we work for Bart King.  He's looking for Quisha's demo tapes for her album."  The team was working out why this King guy would want Quisha's demo tapes.
      "You tell your boss that he can't have Quisha's demo tapes. We are her managers and it's in our best interest that Quisha finish this album."  The Hannibal did what Hannibal often does - he let them go.
    After the men left,  strange noises could be heard from upstairs.
    "Whaddaya say we leave and let the captain and his lady have some privacy?"  They all smiled at each other and left.
    "What do you mean you don't have the tapes?"  Bart was definitely angry.
    "Well, there were these guys there and they had guns."  Bart was getting angrier by the second.
    "You imbeciles,  you had guns,  too.  I want you to get back there and get those tapes."

     Quisha woke early the next morning and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast.  She started the coffee first.  She thought back to a few minutes earlier when she was watching Murdock sleep.  He looked so handsome and peaceful when he slept.  She next put on the bacon and eggs and let her mind wander so more.  She was only slightly surprised when Murdock's arms slipped around her waist.
    "I smelled the coffee,  you know,  like in that commercial."  Quisha smiled.  Murdock often said strange things that Quisha didn't understand.
    "Murdock,  I think that we need to talk - about last night.  I don't usually do that. . ."  Murdock got a mischievous look on his face.
    "What do you usually do?"  Murdock's eyebrow went up.  She fake punched him.  Murdock began loading his plate with the delicious food and then he took it over to the table.
    "Come on Murdock,  be serious.  I 'm trying to tell you that I don't usually do what I did last night - that you're special."  She had come over to the table by now.  Murdock looked into her eyes to see if it were true.  When he got the answer that he wanted,  he took her face into his hands and kissed her solidly.  He hesitated just a moment,  and then proceeded to kiss again.  Quisha didn't know if she had gotten her message across,  but this was much more enjoyable.
    Murdock continued kissing and deepening the kiss.  He took the clip from her hair and let her black hair fall to her shoulders.  She smelled wonderful.  She had showered that morning with strawberry shower gel.  Murdock was driven wild with passion.  He would have taken her right there on the kitchen floor,  if the door hadn't been kicked in  at just that moment.  Murdock instinctively went to protect Quisha.
    "Alright girl, where are the tapes?"  Even though Quisha was scared,  she was angry.
    "Look,  first of all I'm not a girl and secondly I don't know what you're talking about."  Bernie and Lance moved closer and Murdock and Quisha moved further away.
    "We want the demo tapes.  They weren't in the studio,  so where are they?"  Quisha knew then,  what they were after,  but she was torn as to whether she would part with her demo tapes.  Bernie and Lance,  noticing her hesitation,  continued threatening with their gun.
    "You'd better give us those tapes or we might have to put a few holes in that pretty face of yours."  Lance grabbed her face and put the gun right to it.  This was too much for Murdock.  He kicked the gun out of Lance's hand and hit him in the jaw.  Bernie came after Murdock at this point and Quisha jumped on Bernie's back and began hitting him about the head and face.  Murdock finally got the gun and pointed toward the two thugs.
    "Get out of here you two before I fill ya full o' lead."  Murdock imitated John Wayne.  
    "Yeah,  get outta here or I'll kick your butt!"  Quisha was mad now and a little braver because Murdock had the gun.  Bernie and Lance took off once again.
     "Mr. King is really going to be mad this time."  Bernie whined.

    Quisha went to the studio to lay down some tracks.  She kept thinking that she would be home free once the album was finished.
    "Well,  I don't know if that's exactly true.  King could still try to steal your contract.  Which means,  he would have to come to us."  Hannibal got a smile on his face which could only mean one thing.  He was on The Jazz.  
    "You lunkheads.  I knew I couldn't trust you.  That girl is in the studio right now finishing her album.  The only thing we can do now is take over that girl's contract.  Find out who the manager is and we'll buy him out."  Bart smiled when he said 'Buy him out', because he never meant to buy him out.
    Murdock watched Quisha as she sang a slow love song.  She was beautiful.  Her beautiful mahogany skin was glowing and her eyes were shining as she put all of herself into the song.  He wondered if he were falling in love with her.   He didn't know,  but it would be fun finding out.
    As they all stood there watching Quisha,  they saw Bernie and Lance and Bart King walked through the door.
    "Well,  well,  well,  look what the cat dragged in."  Hannibal said.
     "I'm here to make a legitimate business proposition.  I want to buy out your contract."  Hannibal laughed which only proved to make King angrier.
     "Okay,  I tried to do it the legal way.  Bernie,  Lance,  get the girl."  Bernie and Lance did what they were told.  They felt more comfortable now that King was there.
    Murdock, of course,  put up a fight.  But,  the fact that Bernie and Lance had guns and the team did not,  kinda made things a little uneven. Or so everyone thought.  When they had Quisha,  she had decided that she would not go,  so she stamped her foot down on Lance's foot and ground her heel down.  this was just the break that Hannibal was looking for.  Quisha broke away as the team started fighting the other three men.
    As the team captured the weapons from the other three men,  Hannibal said what he always says,  "I love it when a plan comes together."  
    But,  as with all of his other plans,  success was short-lived.  Five other men came through the door at the moment.
    "Well, Mr. King.  I had a feeling that Mr. King would not be able to carry out the project that I had outlined for him.  Gentlemen,  get the girl and please relieve our friends of their weapons."  This time  Quisha was sufficiently scared.  She knew that even if she did try her foot trick,  it would do no good.  She looked at Murdock as they dragged her away.
    "Come on Hannibal.  We've gotta do something."  Murdock was frantic.  He knew that after they got their hands on that tape,  they would kill Quisha.  Hannibal was already formulating another plan.  They could see it on his face.  But,  what they didn't see was the worry that he had for Quisha.  He was afraid that his captain was right.
      "Murdock did Quisha tell you where the demo tapes were?"  Murdock calmed down enough to think straight.
      "Yeah,  she got worried when they started looking for it,  so she hid them in her teddy bear that sits on her bed." Hannibal smiled as he realized how smart little miss Quisha had been.  Now they knew where the bad guys were headed.  But,  what they didn't know was how long Quisha would be able to hold out.
     They all made a break for B.A.'s van.
      "Okay,  we're here now where are those tapes?"  Quisha knew that Murdock knew where the tapes were,  so there was no doubt in her mind that the A-team would soon be on their way there.  Her problem was that she didn't know how long she could stall these guys until the team got there.
       "Uh, let's see.  Where did I put those tapes.  I moved it a couple of times,  so I just can't be sure where they ended up."  
       This didn't go over so well with the head guy.  He grabbed Quisha and got right into her face.
       "Look,  honey,  if you don't tell us what we want to know,  I'm  gonna turn you over to Lance over there.  He's had his eye on you from the beginning."  Quisha backed away.  Why does my big mouth always get me in trouble,  she thought to herself.  Lance came over with a lustful smile on his face.
    "What's it gonna be,  pretty girl.  You want some of this?"  Quisha was sickened.
    "Alright,  I'll tell you.  They're in the teddy bear on my bed."  Quisha knew that all was lost now that they knew where the tapes were.  the head guy snapped his fingers and a couple of his goons went into the bedroom to retrieve the tapes.  she knew that they would rip the bear apart and was sad because the bear had sentimental value.
    The two thugs came bounding back in with the tapes in hand.
     "Kill her."  The head guy said as he turned to leave.
      "Can I have some fun first,  Mr. Hollis?"  Lance wanted to know.
      Mr.  Hollis nodded as he left.  Quisha's face fell as Lance dragged her back into the bedroom.
       As Mr. Hollis and the rest of the tugs left,  they were bombarded by the team.  When Murdock saw that Quisha wasn't with them,  he concluded one thing,  and ran into the house.
       As soon as he was inside,  he heard Quisha's screams.  He ran with all that he was worth to Quisha's bedroom.  Because Lance was the only one in with Quisha,  Murdock had no trouble dispatching him.  He went immediately to Quisha's side.
     "I'm  okay, you came just in time,  though."  They both looked at each other as they realized what could have happened.  Murdock held her as if making sure that she was okay.
    The police were called to come and pick up the bad guys.  Of course,  the team could not be around when the police arrived,  but Murdock stayed behind until Quisha's album was done.
    "I know you have to go,  Murdock.  Will I ever see you again?"  Murdock,  who looked as if he were going to cry,  just stroked her cheek before he could actually say anything.  He finally said,  "I'll always be here if you need me."  Quisha smiled as she realized that this was true.

                                    If We Were Lovers  
                      (words and music by G.Estefan and E.Estefan, Jr.)

Chorus:  One day soon * It's gonna happen just by chance* you and I* will just succumb to this romance* on that day* my love will find you* and you'll discover* what a wonder life can be* and you will know* how much I love you* If we were lovers* if we were more than just good friends* I know how good it can be* Just by the way you're looking at me* As if we were lovers*
If we were lovers* I've waited so long for that day* I think you feel the same way* You try so hard not to give it away* afraid that I'll discover* what in your heart you know* Is meant to be* But darlin' if you want it* to be me* to be the one to say* I want you* Then I'm telling you now* Gonna find a way somehow* To be your lover* To spend the whole night* making love* then find it's never enough* Just think what we are giving up* Everyday that we're not lovers* Few times in our lives* Can we feel this way* It could be a shame* Just to throw it all away* Time is slipping by* We don't know what's ahead* I don't want to look back* and have any regrets* Chorus* How much I love you