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FIC: Flashes Before Your Eyes (long)

TITLE: Flashes Before Your Eyes
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor
EMAIL:   gyrfalcon@y...
FEEDBACK: Please! But this is my first published LGM fanfic, so be
DISCLAIMER: Mulder, Doggett, Scully, Skinner, Byers, Langly, and
Frohike are 1013's. However, Rachel Ann MacGregor is all mine.
SPOILERS: The X-Files, all up to the last season finale, and the LGM
SYNOPSIS: The Gunmen made a friend, but it's a small world, isn't
AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Alternate ending to the Season Finale  I read a lot
of Krycek fic lately, and always wondered what kind of person could
care for him.  I also think some things are more than coincidence,
they're fate.  It may be kinda Mary-Sue-ish, but Rachel's character
is under major development in other as of yet unpublished bits.


His eyes opened slowly to see her hair falling around him like a
copper fountain.  She moved back as he sat up and brushed the grass
off his shirt.  "You kinda have to attend the Christmas parties,
Annie.  It's that bureaucratic stuff that gets you promoted."  She
crossed her arms as she sat in front of him in the sunshine.

"But what if MY party is the same night?  That kind of schmoozing
happens at engineering firms as well.  And as a woman, I can't afford
to ignore the company culture."

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, mussing the gelled
do.  "Of course you can't.  But when you can, I need you by me side
at the Agency's parties.  I'll come to yours and support you, how
about that?"  He leaned over and kissed her softly.  "You better run,
you have five minutes till class."

She smiled slyly as she glanced at Tompkins Hall.  "Ok, but this
conversation isn't over.  See you later tonight.  Chinese food?"

He swatted her on the butt as she rose, earning an exasperated
glare.  "Anything for you, Annie."

She bent down and kissed him soundly on the mouth.  "Love ya, Lexy."


Breathing was painful as she gazed at the empty apartment.  It seemed
so lifeless with only one person's belongings scattered about.  The
note in her hand fell to the ground as she slid down the wall, tears
leaking from under her closed eyelids.  The sun illuminated the stark
black letters on the creamy thick paper.

"Rachel Ann-
I'm sorry you had to come home to this, but I had to make it quick. 
Some people in a different organization feel my skills could be
better used overseas, so I'm leaving tomorrow morning.  I don't when
or if I'll be back.  Please remember I love you, but we can't be
together anymore.  God, this hurts, losing you is like losing a limb
or something, Annie, but it has to be this way.  Find someone else,
get married, have a great career, whatever.  Crap, I'm no good at


She never noticed the short man at the next table with the fingerless
gloves, although he was often in the coffeeshop on the same evenings
she was.  He couldn't help but overhear her side of the conversation
on her cellphone, apparently to a friend of hers.

"I know how long he's been gone, Terry."
"I suppose I should, but I can't get up the motivation to go
"Doesn't really matter what the truth is, now does it?"
"No, I just need to analyze the system functions."

Her next words piqued his interest, especially since she lowered her
voice just then.

"BS, Terry, there is too a conspiracy!  Why do you think I got out? 
You should too, before it's too late.  Of course, no one believes me,
the antisocial fruit bat.  Maybe I should write to that funky paper I
read last week, the Shooter, or something."

"Oh bite me, Terry!"  She hung up angrily, then glared at the coffee
that was set in front of her.  A strange man with thick glasses and
fingerless gloves plopped in the chair across from her.  "Can I help
you?"  Her tone was a little snippy.

"Actually, I think you can, and I may be able to help you as well.  I
help publish that paper you just mentioned."  He held out his
hand.  "Frohike, of the Lone Gunmen."  She shook it warily.

"Rachel MacGregor, formerly of Wilson & Imati Engineering."


The buzzer sounded, and Langly looked at the monitor.  "Hey guys! 
Rae's here!"  He undid the locks and opened the door just in time to
catch the slipping bag of groceries.  She took off her baseball cap
and placed it on her bag of groceries.  Shutting and locking the door
behind her, she yelled at the guys around the TV. 

"Hey, what's the score?  Damn clerk at the store couldn't figure out
how to refund a credit card to the old bat in front of me."

Frohike called back to her without removing his eyes from the
screen.  "Still 0 – 0, Maple Leafs over the Capitals."  She plopped
down in the easy chair, passing out the subs and cokes.

"Damn Canadians..  It's a conspiracy, I tell ya."  She smiled and
watched the game with her buds.


The Lone Gunmen were in various states of intoxication.  Just a few
beers made Byers pleasantly dopey.  Frohike had his glass of J&B,
Mulder his Tequila, and Rachel and Langly were splitting the vodka. 
Langly had a very goofy grin and was slowly sliding down the chair,
while Rachel had wisely chosen to start on the floor.  Now it was
Mulder's turn.

"Umm….  Rachel."  She started a little and gazed up at Mulder.

"Whaaatt?"  Byers started giggling, but she couldn't keep up the

"Truth or Dare, Rae."

"I know better.  Truth."  Frohike grunted from the couch.  He'd
obviously been hoping for a juicy dare to blackmail her with later.

"OK…  Who was the last guy you dated and how long ago?"  Mulder
frowned a little and the guys seemed more alert at the look on her
face.  Her eyes became guarded and distant, and her face grew cold. 

She set her shot glass down on the table upside down and got
unsteadily to her feet.  She looked at Mulder and the guys before
heading upstairs to the guest room.  She paused on her way up as they
looked concernedly at her.  "I called him Lexy.  We met in college
and I lived with him for three years.  I thought it would be forever,
but…  Trust no one, right, Mulder?  Let's just say I didn't need you
guys to teach me that."  They glanced at each other as she left the
room.  Langly spoke first.

"Well, guess that's an off-limits topic."


Rachel stared in shock at the battered and bleeding figure on her
doorstep.  Her voice seemed rusty and painful.  "L… Lexy?"

He leaned on the door jamb with his good arm.  "I need your help,
Annie.  Please can I come in?"


They'd been arguing for hours.  Her eyes were red from crying, and he
was ready to pound the wall in frustration.  He finally grabbed his
jacket with his good hand and slung it over his shoulders.  Just as
he opened the door, she asked one more question.  "How much, Lexy?"

He paused.  "How much what?"

"How much did you get for your soul, Lexy?  What was the price for
your soul?"

He stared at the wall for a tense few seconds.  Not looking at her,
he responded.  "You, Annie.  You were my price."  He turned and
strode out, shutting the door softly behind him.


She hung on for dear life as they careened around corners in the van,
Langly typing furiously in back.  Suddenly, he yelled.  "Eureka!  Got
her location!  Mulder's on his way, now let's go pick up Skinnerman
and Doggett and blow this town!"

Frohike gave the steering wheel a hard jerk to the left.  "On my way
to the garage as we speak, chickadee."


Rachel had the van door open before they even stopped and was
barreling across the parking spots.  "No!  Don't!"  The gun in
Skinner's hand went off just as she plowed into him, knocking them
both against the pillar.  Mulder's car screeched away as she heard
footsteps running towards her.  A voice sounded as if in the
distance, making her raise her eyes.  "God, no, Annie!"   Her leafy
green eyes met his dark jade ones as Skinner eased her to the
ground.  She put a hand on Frohike's arm to keep him from charging
Krycek.  "Lexy…  Make it worth the price."