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Krakatoa Pt. 3

     "I'm sorry.'  Jules was still whimpering in the corner.
      Meanwhile down on the ship, the huge wave was fast approaching.
      "Everyone down below."  The captain ordered.  It didn't matter now
whether the boat caught fire or not.  The wave would be here soon enough.
     Down below,  everyone sat quietly.  Then, somewhere,  a baby started to
cry and the mother began singing softly to it.
     "Do you think the ship can withstand the wave?"  Susan asked nervously. 
Phileas wasn't sure,  but he did want to reassure her.
     "We'll be all right.  We'll be at Sumatra soon."  He put his arm around
her to comfort her.
     As they landed at Sumatra,  the atmosphere of the tiny island looked
exactly like that of Krakatoa.  Villagers were running for the boats.
     "They seem to know something."  Susan was saying.  They had brought
Farris up from the brig and were about to deliver him to the prison on the
     "I daresay anyone will be there to receive him."  Captain Hanson looked
at Farris.
     "Well, then,  what would you prefer?"
     Farris was inclined to meet his fate head on.
     "I should like to be left on the island."  He said slowly.  There was no
guarantee that the wave would miss him.  They both knew this.  Captain Hanson
unlocked the handcuffs.
     They watched as Farris walked slowly in the opposite direction that the
villagers were running.  The Batavia Queen, again, put out to sea.

     Out on the open ocean again,  they waited for the huge wave to break
over them.  By now, the island of Krakatoa was only a memory - Sumatra was
soon to follow.
     Farris stood on the mountain along with a few others who thought that
they would be safe from the wave.  They had thought that if they would just
get to higher ground, they would be safe.  Now they knew  that they had made
a terrible mistake.  They could only watch in horror as they saw the wall of
water bearing down on them.  They made peace with whatever god they prayed
to, and it was over.

          By now,  all of the children were singing quietly to try to cheer the

                   Lullaby my baby, lullaby my darling
                   Lullaby my baby, lullaby my darling
                   There above us, baby, we can see the sky
                   Is the sunlight in the garden
                   Lullaby my baby, lullaby my darling
                   Lullaby my baby, lullaby my darling
                   Where, my little one, has your mother gone?
                   She's gone to the pond where blue lilies grow
                   Lullaby my baby, lullaby my darling
                   Lullaby my baby, lullaby my darling
                   When at night, my son,
                   Clouds come over the moon
                   Then it's time, my son
                   To sleep and cease to cry

     The ship began to shake and rattle.  Tiny streams of water began
springing out all over.
     "Quickly, plug the holes."  called Phileas
      The passengers began scrambling to plug the holes.  The roaring of the
ocean could be heard around them.  This was do or die; now or never, Phileas
thought as he sat there holding Susan.  He could go up to the Aurora with
Jules  and Passepartout;  he could even take Susan up to the Aurora,  but, he
knew that she would never go.
     All of a sudden,  there was silence.  Phileas knew better than to think
that the danger was over.  It was literally like the calm before the storm. 
He pulled Susan close in his arms.  Then the boat began to toss violently. 
Everyone began to panic again.  The sides of the boat began to creak. 
Phileas knew that if the pressure became too great, they would be smashed
like mere sticks of wood.
     Meanwhile, while flying high above the wave, Passepartout and Jules had
a front row seat.
     "Mon Dieu!"  Passepartout exclaimed as the giant wave traveled across
the surface of the ocean.
     "They are bobbing like bottle in water."  Jules came over to look. 
Instead of being smashed by the water,  they were indeed bobbing.
     "They might have a chance."  Jules said grimly.

     There was a loud noise like the sound of a rushing locomotive.  Again,
the passengers grabbed hold of anything they could find, including each
other.  The boat was being tossed violently.  The screaming and the crying
started again.  Phileas held Susan tightly in his arms.  He looked into her
terror-filled eyes and admired her for not crying out like the others.
     Then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped.  Phileas could tell that
everyone was holding his or her breath and no one dared to say a word.
      Suddenly, there were loud foosteps and then loud knocking.  Phileas
leapt to his feet and, along with Captain Hanson, helped to open the massive
door.  There, on the other side, were Jules and Passepartout.
     "Well, Fogg, you made it!"
      A cheer went up and hugs were given all around.  Jules, however,
remained unusually quiet.  He was so preoccupied, that he didn't see one of
Toshi's sisters approach.
     "Here. This for you.  It belong to Toshi.  She would want you to have."
     What she held out to him was a string of tiny shells.  she was gone as
quickly as she came.  Jules could only stand there as the tears came.  This
was the way Passepartout found him.  Passepartout knew that words were
inadequate to express to Monsieur Jules how sorry he was for his loss.  He
simply stood there with his arm around Jules' shoulder. 
     As the passengers slowly filtered up onto the deck, the mood was high
until they actually got up there and looked around.  There was water all
around with no land in sight.  The water was littered with small pieces of
wood, which represented ships that did not make it through the wave.
     When Captain Hanson emerged, he gave the order to set sail for Java
hoping that it was far enough away not to be harmed by the wave.
     As Phileas approached Susan who was again standing at the railing,  he
wore a very smug look on his face.
     "See, I told you that we would make it."
     "You said no such thing, Mr. Fogg."
      He stared into her eyes as he asked seriously.
      "What do you plan to do now that our little adventure is over?"
     Susan looked away.
     "I plan on staying in Java.  I want to help these people to relocate. 
There is plenty here to divide with a little left over to help with that
     They were soon joined by Jules and Passepartout.
     "Mrs. Hollingsworth, I want to donate my share to your cause."  Susan
     "Me also, too.  I want to give my money."  Everyone immediately looked at
     "What the devil are you looking at me for?  Oh all right, I'll throw
mine in as well."
     Susan threw her arms around Phileas and kissed him soundly.
     "Hey, I want to be getting smooches, too."  Passepartout said as he
puckered up his lips and made disgusting smooching sounds.  Everyone laughed
as Phileas playfully pushed him away and continued kissing Susan