TITLE: Lexy Came Over
AUTHOR: Meghan O'Connor
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DISCLAIMER: The LGM, Krycek, and anyone else you recognize are
1013's. However, Rachel Ann MacGregor is all mine.
SPOILERS: The X-Files, all up to the last season finale, and the LGM
CATEGORY: LGM/other, Krycek/Other
SYNOPSIS:  Rachel gets a visit from an old college friend.  The boys
listen when they shouldn't.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Read "Flashes before your eyes" first.  I've decided
to put Rachel in two alternate timelines.  This one, where she knows
Krycek, will be called the "Flashes Series".  Too obvious?  Too Bad!

They couldn't believe what they were listening to.  Byers had been
very opposed to bugging Rachel's apartment, arguing that they should
trust their friend, but he was listening all the same.  Her friend
from college was due any minute, and they wanted to know who had her
so flustered.  Byers had finally given in on the pretext of
protecting her for her own good, but he knew Frohike was just really
paranoid about anyone they didn't know.  Langly seemed, well, almost
jealous that anyone should take up Rachel's time.  Anyone that wasn't
her job or them, that is.  A knock came over the speakers and they
turned up the sound.

The door opened and Rachel's voice was warm.  "Lexy!  Come on in." 
Someone entered, and she offered to take their coat.  The sound of a
lighter door indicated the coat was put in the hall closet.  "Want
something to drink?"  The man's voice was vaguely familiar to them,
but no one could place it just yet.

"Sure, Annie."  Her steps headed for the kitchen as her couch creaked
with a new weight.  There was a rustle of paper, and the guys heard a
soft gasp.  "Rachel?"  Her steps came back and a bottle and glasses
clinked on the coffee table.

"What?  Oh, sorry, I meant to clean up, but you gave me such short
notice."  More paper rustled.

"What is this?  Do you actually read this paper?"

Byers looked at the other two, realizing she must have the latest
Gunmen issue at her house.  Their eyes narrowed at the implied insult.

"Yes I do.  It's not that far off base in most of the stories,
although I really liked the article about the FBI guy catching that
Russian criminal."

"Do you know the guys that write it?"  They held their breath.

Rachel's voice was strong and defiant, as if she dared her guest to
insult her friends to her face.  "Yes, I do.  And they are very nice
people.  Just because they have different ideas about some things is
no reason to get that tone in your voice, Lexy."

The paper was dropped and her guest got up.  They could hear him
pacing back and forth.  "Shit, Annie, they're not safe to be around. 
They… they occasionally help some people, and it could get them in

"And just how do you know this?"

"Trust me, Annie, I just know."

Byers' eyes widened as he realized who her college friend was, but he
didn't interrupt the escalating argument.  They heard her almost
spring to her feet and stop his pacing.  "No, Lexy, I don't trust
you.  You're the one who left me to come home to an empty apartment
with only a note of apology and have a nice life, remember?  These
guys wouldn't do that to anyone they care about unless their lives
were in danger.  I haven't heard from you in over eight years, Lexy,
and you just now show back up and want me to trust you?  Well, too
damn bad!  Them, I trust with my life."  There was silence for a

"You're in love with one of them, aren't you?"  This was punctuated
by a hearty slap.  Rachel was hissing in anger.

"What the hell makes you think that?"

"The fact that you haven't denied it yet?"  Langly and Frohike were
staring at the speakers, slack-jawed.  Rachel was in love with one of
them?  Byers just closed his eyes.  Rachel would never forgive them
now, and she would hate herself for ever saying it.

Her voice was shaky as she stunned the trio with her next
words.  "Dear God.  You're him.  You took your mother's maiden name,
why didn't I connect it?"

He sighed.  "I take it to mean that as such a good friend to the
three stooges, you've met Mulder."  There was a pause and a couple
steps.  He must have come closer to her.  "Whichever one you love, he
doesn't know, does he?"  There was a short stifled sob, as if she was
covering her mouth.

"Why are you here, Lexy?  What do you want from me?"  She sniffled.

"Don't call me that anymore, Rachel.  I'm not your Lexy.  He died in
Russia when his arm was cut off."  Langly gasped and Frohike almost

"There wasn't… My God.  Would all this have happened if you hadn't

Another sigh of exasperation.  "No Rachel.  It would have been
worse.  Mulder would likely be dead, and Scully too. The Gunmen would
be dead, we'd be on the verge of true alien colonization, and they
would have won already."

She spoke softly.  "I loved you."

The sound of fabric was whispery as he embraced her.  "I know, Rachel
Ann.  And whomever you love now, I only hope he really deserves what
you're truly offering.  I never wanted to hurt you.  I only wanted to
keep you safe."  Another quiet moment passed.  "I should go.  You
should tell them you know me, that we have a history.  I won't
contact you again unless your life's in danger.  I promise."   They
heard footfalls as she followed him to the door and retrieved his
coat.  The door opened, and there was a pause.  "I'm sorry, Rachel. 
For what it's worth, I'm sorry.  And life is unpredictable.  Kiss him
before it's too late."  The door closed, but she didn't move. 
Frohike was just about to speak as Rachel's voice came over the
speakers, talking to the silent room.

"They do have a right to know about you.  I won't kiss a man who
doesn't want me, Alex.  But I will tell them about the one that
did."  They hurriedly shut off the recording as she picked up her
keys and purse and left the apartment.

A minute later, their phone rang.  Frohike turned on the speakers and
recorder.  "Lone Gunmen office."

`Fro, it's Rae.  The guys there?"

"Yeah, Rae.  Whatcha need?"

"I have something important to tell you.  Could you call Mulder and
Scully and ask them to come over?  I think I can only go through this

"What's wrong, Rae?"  He tried to cover his shock to keep her from

"Please, Frohike.  I… I need…"  Her voice was small and on the verge
of tears.  "Please trust me."

"Ok, Rae.  I'll get them over here."

"Thanks, Frohike.  I'll be over soon, I just have to make a stop at
the liquor store."  His eyebrows rose.

"Be careful, Rae.  See you soon."