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Paint The Sky with Stars


    Patrolman Willie Gillis came home from a hard day's work.  He got a beer
from the fridge and then went over to lie down on the couch.  Terry had left
earlier to go on a date, and so it felt as if the whole apartment was closing
in on him.  He had thought about going to Jill and Mike's,  but thought
better of it.  They probably wanted to be alone.
     He was lonely.  It wasn't that he couldn't get a girl.  It wasn't that
women didn't find him attractive,  but in actuality,  he wasn't sure that he
had ever met his 'type'.  What was his type?

     Gabrielle Morse, famous pop star,  was missing - presumed dead.  She had
been in town for a performance.  While at a party on a pleasure cruise, 
Gabrielle was presumed fallen overboard and hasn't been seen since.

     Willie's phone rang, breaking the solitude of his sanctuary.
      "Willie,  I need your help."
     Willie went over to see his friend Sam O'Malley.  O'Malley was captain
of O'Malley's Pleasure Cruises and was as friend of Willie Gillis'.
     "Willie,  they've pulled my license.  That boat is my livelihood."
     Willie was having a hard time understanding because O'Malley was talking
so fast.
     "Slow down, Sam.  Now,  start from the beginning."
     Sam took a deep breath and started again.
     "I was taking out a group of partygoers.  They said that I ran into a
sandbar.  I know these waters like the back of my hand."
     Willie gave the man a hard look.
     "Sam,  were you drinking?
     Willie first met Sam O'Malley when he was pulled over on a DUI a year
ago. He had been sober ever since.
     "Whenever I take out Peter Foster and his friends,  we alwqays have one
drink together.  That's all I had ; I swear."
     Willie  didn't bother telling the man that having even one drink was
dangerous,  but he figured that man already knew.
     "I believe you, Sam."

     The next morning,  along with Terry and Mike,  Willie began
investigating Sam's story.  A list of all of the passengers on the boat that
night were received and they were interviewed.  Several witnesses sad that
only one drink was taken to Captain O'Malley.  This was clearly not enough
for him to be drunk.
     All of the witnesses remembered seeing Gabrielle at the party, but none
of them remembered anyone arguing with her, or harming her in any way.  The
only thing that they remembered was that Gabrielle pretty much kept to
herself.  One woman in particular had a lot to say about Gabrielle.

     "She thinks that she's it - you know.  She's always prancing around
thinking she's cute.  She'd smile real pretty at the real important folks and
could give a rat's ass for the rest of us.  When I saw her,  she was standing
at the railing by herself staring out at the water.  If you ask me,  she
looked like she was going to jump."
     "Did Gabrielle take drugs, or had she been drinking?"  Terry asked.  He
thought that perhaps she had simply fallen overboard.
     "She wasn't into drugs and I don't think she took a drink that night."
     This was turning out to be quite a mystery.
     They next went to talk to Peter Foster,  Gabrielle's manager.  He
turned out to be not much help.  He didn't even see as much as the other
     "I invited her to the party.  There were some people that I wanted her
to meet - you know,  to help her with her career."
     That night at Mike and Jill's,  they discussed the case.
     "Gabrielle.  The Gabrielle is missing?"  Jill asked. Willie had not even
thought about her being famous.
     "Willie,  you've never heard of Gabrielle?"  Jill asked.
      She was dead and he had never heard of her.  He thought of all of the
dead people that he had seen.  They would gather just enough information to
solve the case and no more.
     The team decided to go to Gabrielle's house to look for clues.  While
there,  Willie saw a picture of Gabrielle for the first time.  SHe was
beautiful.  She was of Latino descent with long,  wavy, black hair and
almond-shaped eyes.  He sat there sifting through photographs.  GAbrielle had
been an International model become a popstar.
     He looked at her pictures now and wished that he had known her.
     "Hey,  here's the girl's diary."  Mike brought it over for the guy's to
see.  It was pink and had a unicorn on it.  Mike opened it up to a random
     "Had photo shoot today.  Everyone was prodding and pulling.  Go here, go
there.  Do this, do that.  I was ready to leave.  IT wasn't fun anymore.  I
could remember as a little girl I would cheese in front of the mirror and
dress up in Mommy's clothes.  Now there was politics.  Don't tick off the
promoter.  Be nice to him.  Do whatever he says."
     Willie reached for the book as they all went on to look through the rest
of the house.
There was something about her.  Her house was nice, but not overly elaborate.
 He had remembered stumbling across a newspaper article about young popstars
who went and bought elaborate mansions and had several cars and weren't old
enough for a driver's license. 
     This apartment,  one of three that belonged to Gabrielle, was very
tastefully done.  There were some expensive antique pieces and paintings. 
There were also a white baby grand piano.
     Willie stood face to face with enlarged photographs of Gabrielle from
her modeling days.  He was speechless.
     "Now, that's what I call making love to the camera."  Terry said as he
came into the room.
     "What else do you know about  her?"  Willie asked quietly.
     "Well, she started singing when she was a teenager.,  She was discovered
in a church choir or something.  The guy who is her manager discovered her.
     All of a sudden, music came from the living room.  WIllie and Terry went
in to see that Mike had put on a record.  It was Gabrielle.
      "Okay Gabrielle.  Talk to me.  What were you really like?"  Willie
whispered this to no one in particular.  

     She watched the dark, curly-haired man as he moved around the house. 
She watched as the man looked at pictures  and listened to music.  She was

     He took the beer over to the couch, took out the diary and began to
read.  He read about how an innocent, young girl was molested and abused by
record executives and producers,  all the while, he manager stood back and
did nothing.  And,  in some cases,  he even encouraged it.
     Willie looked up from the page.  He remembered being in Gabrielle's
house and the feeling of being watched.  Suddenly,  a branch hit against the
window pane.  It had begun to rain outside and the wind had picked up a bit.
Willie went back to his reading.
     "Sunday, June 2
      I had an argument with Peter today.  I told him that I wanted to do
different things.  Maybe go back to school.  He got angry.  He said that it
wouldn't fit my image - it wouldn't sell.  I told him that I didn't care.  I
was tired."
     Willie took out one of the pictures that he had kept.  So, that's the
sadness that he had seen in her eyes.  She didn't want the life anymore.  He
wanted to know more.
     Willie decided to go to the library and do some research.  He looked up
old news articles on Gabrielle.  Mainly, he only read 'star stuff' - things
that went with her image.  He wanted the real story.
     There was one article in particular that traced her early life.  Terry
had been right, she was discovered right out of Sunday service.  Her parents
died when she was eighteen and her manager became a sort of father figure. 
The thought turned Willie's stomach.  This was the same man who pimped her
out to record producers.
     He had enough reading, so he went home, showered and changed into
pajamas.  He was glad that Terry wasn't home because he didn't feel like
talking.  He had no doubt that he would dream of Gabrielle tonight.

     Lisa Andrews was a party groupie.  She was one of the people that were
questioned about Gabrielle's disappearance.  She had not spoken highly of
Gabrielle - jealous perhaps.  Willie decided to question her further.
     "Ms.  Andrews. . ."  Willie decided to try charm even though the sight
of Lisa Andrews made him sick.
     "Oh, it's you."  Ms. Andrews smiled coyly.
     "I take it you and Gabrielle didn't get along well?"  She didn't answer.
     He just thought that, given the right situation, Ms. Andrews would sing
like a bird.
     "I've got some more questions,  if you don't mind.  Was Gabrielle seeing
     He didn't know why he wanted to know.  He told himself that it could
possibly lead to a suspect.
     "Well, a lot of us thought something creepy was going on with her and
Foster, but, I think he liked boys,  if you know what I mean."  Willie's eyes
went wide.  Maybe I'm getting more information that I wanted, he thought.
     "So, was she seeing anyone?"  Andrews shook her head and popped her gum.
     "Naw,  maybe she was gay."  This might not have been such a good idea,
he thought.
     "Uh, thank you, Miss. . ."
     He realized that she was still prattling on as he got up to leave.


     The dark-clad figure was following Willie as he left the station that
day.  It was still raining and the wind  was still howling.  He looked around
before getting into the car.  Someone was following him.  He was sure, but,
seeing's how he hadn't come into harm's way,  he figured that he would just
let the shadowy figure come to him.

     She went to the library and went through past newspapaer articles and
found an article on officer William Gillis.  She read about his bravery in
the line of duty .  She smiled as she read.

     "Hey Mike, can I ask you something?  Terry asked he he and Mike shared a
beer at Mike's house.
     "Sure, what is it?"  Terry sat down across the table from Mike.
     "Have you noticed Willie acting a little strange lately?"  Mike smiled.
     "No more than usual."  Terry returned the smile and then it faded.
     "Yeah, well, he's also acting stranger than usual.  This case with the
disappearing  singer, it's all he wants to talk about.  I mean, it's not even
officially a case,  there's no body."  Mike nodded.
     "Yeah, now that you mention it, I had noticed that he kept that diary
and some pictures.  You think he might be obsessed?"  Terry nodded.
     "Well, you know, his friend is involved."  Mike tried to reassure him.
  "Yeah,  that might have been why he started the investigation, but
something else caught his attention.  I don't think that he's even talked to
Sam since then."

     Willie went back to Gabrielle's house.  He didn't know why,  he just
needed to be there.  He had to be surrounded by her - by her presence.  He
thought about Gabrielle and how she wanted to change her lifestyle.  Her
agent didn't want her to change it.  Her so-called friends in the business
didn't really like her and were petty and jealous.  There was no hint of a
romantic relationship, so, who killed Gabrielle?  He laid back on her couch
and closed his eyes.
     "Willie Gillis. . .I'm Gabrielle."
     His first reaction was that he had gone crazy.  He was hallucinating. 
But,  when he opened his eyes, there was a flash of lightening at just that
moment, the lights flickered and there she was.  The next thing that he
noticed was that she was dripping water on the parquet floor.
     "You're wet."  Brilliant deduction Gillis, he thought to himself.  He
went to the bathroom to get her a towel.
     "You  probably need to change into dry clothes."  She nodded and went
into her bedroom to change.  Moments later, she came out wearing an
over-sized UCLA sweatsuit that was way too big.  She was a far cry from the
glamorous pictures of her that he had seen.  Strange, but he found her more
beautiful now than in the pictures.
     He made sure that she was tucked into bed and asleep before he went back
to the couch to lie down.  He knew that he would again dream of her tonight.

     "So, where is Willie, Terry?"  Jill asked when Terry entered the
     "I don't know.  He never came home."  Mike shook his head and rubbed his
     "I don't like it.  I  don't like it at all."

     He had dropped off to sleep and was only awakened by the sound of her
     Willie jumped from the couch and ran into the bedroom.  When he reached
the bed, he saw Gabrielle sitting up in bed and screaming.  She didn't seem
to be quite awake.
     "Gabrielle,  wake up."  He gently took her shoulders and shook.  After a
feew shakes, she seemed to recognize him.  She was still crying and Willie
held her close in order to comfort her.
     "It's all right.  You're all right now."  He stroked her hair as he had
longed to do ever since he saw her picture.
     Gabrielle pulled away slightly, so that she could see Willie's face. 
Willie noticed that he was shaking as Gabrielle stroked his face with her
hand.  She brushed her lips against his.  He could feel the heat from them
rising.  he couldn't contain himself any longer.  He took her into his arms
and began kissing her passionately.  He was again wondering if he were
hallucinating.  Could this really be happening, he wondered.

     When Gabrielle woke up, she could hear someone rattling around in the
kitchen.  She slipped on her robe and went in to find Willie cooking
     "You're cooking breakfast?"  she seemed surprised.
     "Hey,  just because I'm a bachelor doesn't mean I don't make a mean
scrambled eggs and bacon."  She put her arms around him from behind and
squeezed hard.
     "Hey,  you're ruining my technique."  He turned and took her into his
arms and planted a kiss on the top of her head.
     "Is that all I get?"  she asked shyly.  Willie lifted her chin with his
fingers and kissed her deeply.
     "Oh, no!"  The bacon was burning.
     "Care for some slightly charred breakfast?'

     "Where have you been?  We were getting ready to put out a missing
persons report."  Mike scolded.
     Willie had just made roll call and looked like the cat that swallowed
the canary. He had decided not to tell anyone that Gabrielle was alive.  He
still feared for her safety.
     "Uhh, I had a date."  Terry looked at him suspiciously.  There were
times that both he and Willie had spent the night somewhere else, but they
would usually let the other person know so that they wouldn't worry.
      Any further discussion was halted as Lt. Ryker began to address them.

     "So, Willie, what's up?"  Terry asked when they were alone in the squad
     "Willie, you don't lie very well."  Willie didn't say anything. He was
torn between his loyalty to Terry and his growing love for Gabrielle.

"Paint The Sky With Stars"

Suddenly before my eyes
Hues of indigo arise
With them how my spirit sighs
Paint the sky with stars

Only night will ever know
Why the heavens never show
All the dreams there are to know
Paint the sky with stars

Who has paced the midnight sky?
So a spirit has to fly
As the heavens seem so far
Now who will paint the midnight star?

Night has brought to those who sleep
Only dreams they cannot keep
I have legends in the deep
Paint the sky with stars

Who has paced the midnight sky?
So a spirit has to fly
As the heavens seem so far
Now who will paint the midnight star?

Place a name upon the night
One to set your heart alight
And to make the darkness bright
Paint the sky with stars.

     Gabrielle was standing at the sink washing up the breakfast dishes when
she heard rattling around near the front door.
     "Hey you, I didn't think that you got off work until after five."
     She walked out of the kitchen drying her hands on the dish towel.  She
froze as she stood face to face with Lisa Andrews.
     "Girl, you shoulda stayed dead.  You don't know how good you had it. 
And you were willing to throw that all away?"  Lisa had a gun and was
pointing it directly at Gabrielle.
     "I had a feeling you were still alive when they didn't find your body. 
And I said to myself, 'Self, where would little ol' Miss Thang be holding
up?'  You never had much imagination."
     "Does anyone else know I'm here?" She asked hopefully.
    "Now, why would I tell anyone that you were still alive?  You're worth
more to me dead than alive."

     When Willie got back to Gabrielle's house that evening, she was not
there.  Instead, he found that the place had been ransacked.
     "Oh, my God, they found her."
     He thought that now was the time to bring his friends in.
     "You mean you knew that she was alive all along?"  Mike asked in
     "No, I only found out last night.  Terry began to put two and two
     "So, that's where you were last night."  A slow smile began to spread
across Terry's face.  Willie's face began to turn red.  Mike interrupted
their interlude.
     "The question now is : who has her and what were they looking for?"
     They began looking around the room for clues.  This proved to be very
difficult because it was such a mess.  One thing, however, did catch Willie's
     "Hey, this wasn't here this morning."
      There was a huge wad of gum stuck to Gabrielle's antique coffee table.
      "No way she would do this."
       All three began thinking of Lisa Andrews, the gum popping, so-called
friend of Gabrielle's.

     When they arrived at the address of Lisa Andrews, they decided to send
Willie to the front door, while Mike and Terry covered the back.
     Willie could hear muffled voices inside before he knocked.  There was
sudden silence and then footsteps approaching the door.  The door slowly
opened.  Willie noticed only a slight twitch as Lisa Andrews opened the door.
     "Officer Gillis - do you have more questions?"  Willie never wavered.
     "I'm here for Gabrielle."
     Was that a bead of sweat he saw dripping down the side of Lisa's face?
     "Why Officer Gillis, you know as well as I do that Gabrielle is dead."
     Willie had had enough.  He pushed his way into the house.
      "You can't just push your way in here.  You need a warrant."
     Mike and Terry heard the commotion and came in through the back.  They
met up in the middle.
     "Where is she, Lisa?" Even though she looked scared, she hung onto her
     "You'd better get your friend.  He's crazy.  Gabrielle is dead. 
Everybody knows that."
     "Who were you talking to in here?" Willie asked forcefully.
     "You're crazy."  Mike and Terry began searching the rest of the house. 
A few minutes later they came back.
     "There's an open window in the basement.  Someone could have been hiding
down there and left when we came in."
     "Who was hiding in the basement, Lisa?"  Lisa Andrews was not talking.
     "If she won''t talk here, we can take her down to the station."

     "I'm not happy about this."  Ryker didn't look happy either.
     "Look, we thought Gabrielle was in there.  Willie heard voices and Ms.
Andrews was acting very suspicious."  Terry explained.
     "All right, well, go and question her then."  They were always baffled
by Ryker's behavior.
     "Okay Lisa, who was in the basement?"  She looked ready to crack.
     "Who is in on this with you, Lisa?"  Terry asked out of the blue.
      "Come on,  you couldn't do thisby yourself.  Who's in on it with you? 
Given the opportunity to put the finger on someone else, Lisa spoke up.
     "It was Peter.  He said that since she was quitting and I couldn't talk
her out of it,  we had to kill her."  The whole story was starting to unravel.
     "Why did you trash her house?"  Her eyes shifted down.
     "I was looking for the Demo tapes of her next album.  He said that we
could make a fortune now that she was dead, but the body didn't turn up. 
That was the problem.  I had to find her and kill; her to make it work."
     Willie,  who had been quiet up until now, began to worry that Gabriell
was now dead.
     "Did you kill her?"  He screamed and jumped across the table at her. 
Mike and Terry had to restrain him and take him out.
     While Terry and Mike finished the interview, Willie sat outside.  His
thoughts kept going to Gabrielle.  Not knowing whether she was dead or alive
was driving him crazy.
     When Terry and Mikle burst from the room, Willie jumped up from his
     "She said that the manager has her. Let's go."

     When they arrived at the manager's condo, they again heard voices.  The
voices were muffled, but Willie could swear that he heard crying.  That meant
that Gabrielle was still alive,  but he didn't like hearing her crying.
     "Come on, we need to get in there."  Willie was ready to burst through
the door.
     "Wait, he might have a knife or a gun on her."
     Mike went around to the side and looked through the window.  He saw
Foster holding a gun on Gabrielle.
     "You two come in through the back."
     Mike waited for them to get into position and then he knocked on the
     Willie and Terry rushed the back door as Mike came in through the front.

     Terry went to help Mike with Foster, while Willie went straight to
Gabrielle who was tied up.  He untied her and then took her into his arms.
     "Oh, Willie, I was so scared."  He didn't realize it, but he was raining
kisses all over her.  He finally stopped long enough to look into her eyes
and brush her hair from her face.  He took her face into his hands and kissed
her hard on the lips.
     "Well, I guess this is a happy ending." Mike said absently.