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Title:  Spark Pt. 1
Author:  Nubiangeek
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  Micki,  Ryan and Ryan's girlfriend work to find an antique art set  that someone is using to kill by painting.
Warning:  This is a mushy, gushy love story fanfic.  Hope you enjoy :) 

        The images were coming stronger now.  He was painting as a fevered pace.  He could see what he wanted to paint in his mind.  The dark and troubling images sprang into life on the canvas as if from their own volition.  the image was now beginning to take shape.  The face was becoming clear.  He was breathing heavily when it was done as if it took great effort to produce.
     The features were twisted in agony as the figure burst into flames.  At that exact moment across town,  a young man whose features resembled that on the canvas,  burst into flames.  His features contorted in the same ghastly mask as those on the painting.  He was dead.
     As Ryan, Micki, and Jack were enjoying their breakfast the next morning,  Jack scanned the newspaper for news of antiques.
     "Listen to this, 'Young man burned alive.  It is believed to be a case of spontaneous combustion.'"
     Jack looked at their expressions of disbelief.
     "Oh come on,  after everything we've seen you're not going to believe this?  there have been reported cases of people just catching fire and burning while not burning the surrounding area."  Even though their first reaction was not to believe,  they did have to admit that they had seen a lot of strange things.
     Jack showed them the article.
     "Danielle Phillips.  Hey,  I've seen this girl.  She goes to the University.  Maybe we should go and talk to her."  Ryan seemed a little too anxious to go and talk to her.
     "Well,  first of all,  let's see if an antique is involved with this."  Jack picked up the manifest that listed all of the cursed objects that Uncle Lewis sold.
     "We're looking for an object that causes spontaneous combustion."  Jack flipped through the book until he spotted exactly what he was looking for.
     "This is it.  It's an antique artist's set.  The original owner went insane and killed his whole family.  It passed through several owners and the last owner died several months ago.  Where it went after that is anybody's guess."  Ryan perked up again.
     "So,  we can go and question Danielle Phillips?"  Rayan asked anxiously.
     "Is that the girl you've been trying to get up enough nerve to ask out?"  When Ryan realized that he wasn't fooling anyone,  he came out with the truth.
     "So,  I want to ask her out.  Any crime in that?"  Micki and Jack smirked.
     Micki and Ryan found Danielle in the theatre Department on stage.  She was directing the musical Sunday in the Park with George .  they were working on the set,  so there was a lot of hustle and bustle going on.
     "Excuse me,  can you tell us where we can find Danielle Phillips?  the stage hand pointed to a girl that was having a heated discussion with another man.
     "We need more artists or we're not going to be finished in time."  The man nodded and left.
      We are very busy here.  What can I do for you?"  when she turned Ryan's heart jumped in his chest.  She was even more beautiful up close than she had been across the Quad.  She was tall and thin,  but with a nice figure.  She had reddish-brown hair which she now had plaited in a French braid down her back.  She was wearing scruffy, paint-spattered overalls finished off with a rag bandana on her head.  She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
     "Are you,   Danielle?'  Ryan was glad that Micki was there because at the moment he couldn't speak.
     "Yes,  I'm Danielle what can I help you with?"  Micki pulled out the newspaper clipping.
     "You were with Jason Gallagher when he-uh-died."
     Danielle had been trying not to think about Jason's death.  It had been horrible for her.  She had been having nightmares ever since.  They could see the look of fear come across her face.
     "What do you want to know?  I've already talked to the police.  We're looking for an antique that might have been responsible for your friends' death."  Micki was now showing Danielle a picture of the antique art set.
      "I've never seen anything like that,  however,  we do use a lot of artists from the Art Department. "  Micki got an idea.
     "We'll need someone on the inside to look for the art set.  Ryan?"  Ryan had not said anything up until now.
     "What?  Oh,  I'm in the Art Department."  Micki rolled her eyes.
     "That's why it's so perfect.  You can help Danielle with the set."  Danielle smiled which almost sent him over the edge.
     "Uh - I could do that."
     "Are you familiar with the Serat painting that we are duplicating?"  Ryan nodded.
     "Come with me."  Danielle motioned for Ryan to follow her.
     "I'll meet you back home,  Ryan."  Micki smiled.
     For the play,  they needed huge copies of the painting in various stages of completion.  Danielle had already put Ryan to work on one of the canvases.
     While working on the canvas with the other artists,  Ryan had a chance to look around.  No one had the antique art set.
     When Danielle came back,  she seemed to be impressed with his work. 
     "Thanks.  Uh,  Danielle can I ask you something?"  She came over, still smiling.  He was cute.
     "My friends call me Dani."  She was trying to give him encouragement.
     "Would you have dinner with me tonight?"  She smiled,  but then the smile turned to a frown as a dark cloud covered her face.  this was the same dark cloud that Ryan saw when she was answering questions about Jason.
     "I'm sorry.  I thought. . ."  He had thought from her smile that she was giving him a signal.  He felt like a fool.
     "No,  it's just. . . yes,  I'll have dinner with you tonight."  She smiled,  but not as brightly as before.
     Ryan tried to be happy,  heck,  he was ecstatic.  But,  he kept remembering the dark cloud that covered her face.
     "How did it go?"  Micki asked when Ryan returned home.
     "Oh,  I have a date."  Micki rolled her eyes.
     "I meant did you spot the art set?"  Ryan shook his head.
     "No.  No art set. But,  if you ask me,  why would he use it out in the open?  He'll probably keep it hidden until he wants to use it." 
     "Why do you keep saying 'He'"

    Ryan arrived at exactly the prearranged time.  When she opened the door,  Ryan nearly went into shock.  to say that she cleaned up well would be an understatement.
     "Wow!"  She smiled at his assessment of her.
     "You ready?"
      They went into town to a place called Bill's Fabulous Fifties.  It was Dani's favorite place.  Great fifties music was playing on the jukebox.  Carhops skated out to your car,  the works.
     They were having a good time.  Ryan was surprised that he wasn't nervous.  He felt comfortable with her,  as if he had known her all his life..  They laughed at the same things,  they liked the same things.  There was no hint of the dark cloud the Ryan had encountered earlier.
     Dani was happy.  Not only was Ryan extremely cute,  but he was intelligent and funny;  everything that she wanted in a guy.  She thought about Jason just for a minute.  they had only been friends,  but who knew where it might have gone.
     As they drove home,  there were silent moments.  They weren't awkward moments,  just comfortable silence.  Ryan reached over and took her hand.  With that connection,  it was as if they knew what the other was thinking.
     At Dani's door,  they felt awkward for the first time that night.  Knowing that the situation was awkward,  Ryan reached out to take Dani's hand.  Her touch made him feel more confident.  He bent down and kissed her.  It was a very gentle kiss that left them both wanting more.
     "I had a good time, but I think we should end it here for tonight."  Ryan reeled his emotions back in.  It wasn't easy.
     "I'll see you tomorrow to work on the set."  Ryan nodded,  not trusting himself to speak.  He kissed her sweetly then turned and left.
     He was in the shadows.  He had watched her with him.  She was laughing;  she was happy.  Why couldn't she look at him that way.  Well,  he would have to wait to deal with him.  He had other things to do now.
     Peter Cantfield met with Michael Sangelero.  Sangelero was a famous buyer who wanted to promote Peter with his own gallery opening.
     While relaxing the next night at Dani's apartment,  Dani read the article announcing Peter's gallery opening.
     "I can't believe it."  Ryan came and looked at what she was talking about.
     "Oh,  this is Peter Cantfield.  He was one of our artists.  He was horrible.  I'm not an artist and I'm sure that I could do better that him."  Ryan saw the horror as it returned to her face.
     "What is it?"
     "Jason was the one that  asked Peter to leave.  It was the same day that Jason died."  Ryan held her as she shook.
     "Do you know this Peter Cantfield - I mean other than what you've told me?"
     "He's asked me out a couple of times.  I said, 'no'"  Ryan nodded.
     "Were you and Jason going out?"  She got up and walked around the room.  She didn't know if she wanted to tell him or not.
     "No,  we were just friends."  Ryan could tell that she wanted to say more,  but he didn't want to push her.
     "Did Peter ever see you and Jason together?"  She thought about it.
     "I guess. We hung around together."  She looked shocked.
     "You don't think Peter killed Jason,  do you ?" Ryan went over to her and put his arms around her.
     "Well,  I think that he has the antique art set.  We have to get it back."

     Ryan,  Dani and Micki decided to go to Peter's gallery opening.  They looked at it as a chance to try and find the art set.  Peter's studio was located upstairs.
     It was your typical gallery opening.  A lot of oohing and aahing and schmoozing.  Peter didn't look happy to see them,  but he couldn't cause a scene.
     Peter was walking around and talking to people.
     "Keep an eye on him.  I'm going upstairs to look around."
     "Be careful,  Ryan."  Dani whispered back and kissed him on the cheek.
     Ryan went upstairs while Dani and Micki kept and eye on Peter. Peter walked around and listened to what the people said about his painting.
     "That's the ugliest thing I have ever seen."  The two men laughed and giggled. this angered Peter.
     What right did they have to judge his work? He had felt great about tonight until now.  He headed for the stairs.
     Ryan rummaged around as he looked for the art set until he heard Peter.  Ryan froze.
     "Peter,  I wanted to congratulate you on tonight."  Peter turned around.
     "You like my paintings?"  He came closer to her.  She was beautiful.  He had to have her
     Ryan heard the discussion.  Dani had put herself in great danger by even talking to Peter.
     "There's something I want to ask you about one of the paintings."
     Dani led Peter away from the staircase hoping that Peter would follow.  He did.
     Ryan listened as Dani and Peter's footsteps retreated down the hallway.  She had put her life on the line for him.
     Ryan tiptoed back down and joined Micki who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
     "Did you find it?"  Ryan shoo his head.
     "It's not up there.  He must have it somewhere else.  Where's Dani?"  Ryan feared for her safety.  He ran out into the gallery and scanned the room.  They were standing near one of Peter's paintings.
     "If you like that,  you can have it."  He was trying to buy her,  he knew.
     "Thank you.  Oh,  hello Ryan.  Look at what Peter gave me."  She was deliberately playing it up to Peter.
     When they arrived back at Dani's apartment,  Dani could see that Ryan was angry.
     "What did you do that for?"  Dani didn't understand.
     "I did it to save your hide or don't you remember."  She was right.  She did save his hide.
     "I meant smoozing and getting the painting.  What was all that about?" 
     "You're jealous?  I can't believe it.  I thought that you'd be interested in knowing how he does it.  Well,  you told me that using these objects somehow kills people,  right?  Well,  don't you want to know how he does it?"  She was right.  He was jealous.
     "I'm sorry.  You're right.  I was jealous."  Ryan took her into his arms and kissed her deeply.  Dani,  who had forgiven him,  parted his lips with her tongue thrusting it deep into his mouth.  She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair.  Ryan moaned when she did this and moved her over to the couch.
     He couldn't believe that this was happening.  He wanted her badly.  Dani looked into Ryan's eyes.
     "Make love to me."
     He poured his soul into the painting.  All of his rage went into the painting.  How dare they laugh at my work,  he thought.  Remembering the laughter was only fuel for the fire.

     The next morning,  Dani was reading the newspaper.
     "Oh,  my God,  Ryan ."  Ryan came over to see what she was talking about.
     "There were two more deaths last night that they're attributing to spontaneous combustion."
     Ryan went back to Curious Goods to change and get ready for class.  He thought about last night and smiled.
     "So where were you last night or do I have to ask?"  Micki gave him a devilish grin.
     "Okay,  so I take it that you really like this girl?"  Micki knew he liked Dani.  He was actually blushing.
     "I like her a lot!"
     Dani was running late.  She was supposed to meet Ryan for lunch at the Student Union building.  She just wanted to pop in to see how the canvases were coming.
     Ryan had been waiting for Dani for twenty-five minutes.  She's not usually late,  but under normal circumstances this wouldn't have been cause for alarm.  But,  because of recent events,  he was worried.  He decided to go and look for her at the theatre.
     She was just locking up when he grabbed her.
     "Let go."  Peter had really flipped out now,  she thought.  He was thinking that he was tired of sitting back and watching her with other guys.  He was going to take what belonged to him.  He tried to kiss her.
     "I told you that I don't think of you in that way."  She was struggling to get free.
     "You little slut."  He slapped her.  She screamed.
     Ryan heard the scream and came running.  He pulled Peter away from her and started hitting him.  He wanted to kill him.
     "Ryan, no!"  Dani tried to pull Ryan off of Peter.
     "You'll regret that."  Peter said as he stomped away.  As he walked by,  he shoved Dani, hard, to the ground.
     "Dani."  Ryan ran to her side and picked her up.  She had a bruise on the side of her face and her lip was busted.  He kissed her face.
     "I'm sorry that this happened to you."  He held her.
     Ryan took her to the clinic and she was given something for the pain.  Ryan then took her home where he insisted on staying with her.
     "I don't want you to be alone tonight. "  She was so happy that he was there.  She didn't know if it was the medication or not,  but she started crying.  Ryan was right there to hold her.
     She watched as he slept. She ruffled his hair and stroked his cheek.
     "I have to do this for you Ryan."  She knew that after the confrontation today,  that Ryan would be the next victim.
     Dani made her way to Peter's studio.  She would wait until he used the art set again and then she would grab it.  As she crept up the stairs,  she could hear Peter.
     "I'll make them all pay."  He began to paint furiously. He was painting both she and Ryan.  Let them die together,  he thought happily.
     She could see him through the railing of the stairs. Eerie shadows danced ont he walls due to the many candles Peter had lit.   It looked as if he was doing a maniacal dance as he painted and laughed.
     Ryan awoke and reached for her in his sleep.  He thought of their love-making and smiled.  He wanted her again.  But,  even as he reached for her,  he could feel that she was not there. 
     "Dani!"  He got up and threw on his clothes.  The,  he went to the phone and called Micki.
     "Who could be calling at this hour?"  Micki went and answered the phone.
     "Micki,  is Dani there?"  It was Ryan and he was frantic.
     "No she's not here.  I thought she was with you."  Oh  good Lord,  he thought.
     "Micki,  I think that she's gone after the art set.  Meet me at Peter's studio."  He didn't wait for her to answer as he hung up the phone.
     She had to get those paints before he finished the painting.  Peter was in a hypnotic state now as Dani crept from her hiding place and lunged for the set.
     Ryan and Micki could hear them struggling upstairs.  They ran toward the sound.  Dani was putting up a good fight,  but he was too strong.  Ryan looked at the canvas and saw that it was an incomplete painting of he and Dani.
     Ryan and Micki joined in the fight for the art set, but as they fought,  they knocked over the candles that were lit.  Because of the flammable materials located in Peter's studio,  the place went up like a Roman Candle.
     "Come on!"  Micki called.  Ryan grabbed the art set and Dani's hand and ran down the stairs.  They could hear Peter's screams as he perished in the fire.
     They were all at Dani's apartment.  She had invited then for dinner.  They were having coffee and talking about the antique art set that was now safely locked in the vault.
     "So,  there weren't any paintings of the people that died lying around?  I wonder what he did with them?"  Jack asked.
     "I don't know,  but this painting really gives me the creeps."  It was a landscape painting that was only creepy because they knew the history.
     "I'll just put this in the other room."  Dani got up and took the painting into the darkened second bedroom.
     "She's a great girl,  Ryan."  Jack whispered.
     "I know.  I plan on keeping her."  Ryan blushed again.  Suddenly there was a scream from the second bedroom.  Jack,  Micki and Ryan went to see what was wrong.
     Dani had dropped the painting right inside the darkened room.  There, on the canvas,  was the tortured image of Jason Winthrop.