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When Love Came Down

Title: When Love Came Down
Author: Nubiangeek
Rating: PG
Category: Romance
Summary:  Mike Stoker finds a little more than he bargained for on a cold night in December.

    It was a cold night.  Station Fifty-one had been roused from their sleep by the alarm at two a.m.  Mike Stoker took it with a grain of salt.  He was used to being roused from sleep that early in the morning.
    Fortunately, the structure fire, which had been caused by a heater, had not suffered too much damage.  He saw the young family huddled on the lawn and silently thanked God that they wouldn't spend Christmas at a homeless shelter.
    As the tired men headed back to their rigs, they each thought of the soft, warm bed waiting for them bach at the station.  Mike Stoker opened the door and almost  sat on what appeared to be a baby.
    "Oh, man, hey, where did you come from?"
    Mike picked up the small bundle and held it.  He was a surprisingly good baby for being left out in the cold.  Most babies would have been screaming their heads off about now.
    "Hey guys, look what I found."  The others came over to see what Mike was talking about.
    It was quite humourous top see the group of men standing around looking at the small baby.
    Johnny and Roy checked the baby to make sure that he wasn't suffering from hyperthermia.  
    "He must not have been out here long.  Someone must have left him here while we were fighting the fire."
    "What do we do with him?"  Chet and Marco had already asked the people that had gathered around to watch the fire if anyone recognized the baby.  No one recognized him.
    "Well, let's take him back to the station and then we'll call Vince."
    They did just that.
    While at the station, the men set about making the baby comfortable.  They used a clean rubber glove that they had poked a hole in as a bottle.  Mike was now feeding the baby whom they had dubbed Baby John as in John Doe. (This didn't go over so well with Johnny.)
    "Hey Mike, you look like an old pro at that."  Chet joked.
    "I have younger brothers and sisters.  I used to do this all the time; although, not quite this way."  They all laughed at that.
    "Hey guys, I see you found a little Christmas present."  It was their friend Vince who was a policeman.
    "I've brought someone with me.  This is Molly Brightman.  She's with Social Services."  The young woman smiled as she took in the sight of the men caring for the baby.  
    "What's going to happen to him?"  Mike asked.  Molly focused on the young man holding the baby.  She could tell that they had developed quite a bond.  The baby had not cried once since she had been there.  Her only experience with babies was that they cried constantly.
    "Don't worry, he'll be well taken care of.  There's an elderly woman that we have when we have babies that need to be placed.  She's the grandmother type, you know."  Mike looked up to acknowledge that he had heard her.  He prepared to turn the baby over to Molly. Her eyes connected with Mike's.
    "Don't worry.  He'll be well taken care of."  Molly smiled again.  Mike didn't know what it was, but that smile seemed to go right through him.  Molly felt it, too.
    "Uh, I guess I'd better get this little guy in bed."  She said as she took the baby from Mike.
    "Well, thanks a lot you guys, for taking care of this little guy.  I think that you guys need some sleep, too."  Vince said as he and Molly left.  Mike was still thinking about Molly as he went to sleep.

  The next morning, Mike was planning on working in his yard.  He couldn't keep his mind from wandering back to the kiss on Molly's doorstep.  He flushed and felt warm when he remembered.  He had to leave before things got out of hand.
    They had made another date for that evening and he could hardly wait.
    Molly had awakened early.  She was anxious to start her day because it would bring her that much closer to her date with Mike.
    She had received a phone call from her friend, Mitch.  He had said that they had traced the car to a family that had employed a young girl to babysit their baby - Baby John.
     She was being questioned by the police.  They were convinced that this was the break that they need to crack the kidnaping ring.
    The girl was very frightened.  She was very candid about her own involvement in the scheme, but was reluctant to mention anyone else that might be involved with the ring.  Molly was on her way to visit the parents.  She would need to determine whether the baby was in any danger from them.
    "Hi, Mrs. Collins?"

Part Two