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Deserved Payment


Author: Facefreak
Rating: PG
Summary:  The team is hired to fight off a woman's brother who only
wants her inheritance.  Face falls head over heels in love with her. 
Love story, basically.

The characters from the series 'A-Team' and any other characters used
from television and film belongs to their relevant owners and is used
here only for pleasure (and what sweet pleasure it is!) and not for
profit. The same applies to any song lyrics used in the stories. Any
similarities with real life characters or situations are
unintentional and coincidental (and wishful dreaming!).  Christina
Duke and Christopher are creations of the author of this story.  
Characters are used from Simon & Simon, Dukes of Hazzard and The
White Shadow.  The Monkees are used out of love!


Christina was pacing back and forth trying to make a very hard
decision.  'Do I really need their help or can I do it on my own?  If
I ask for their help, then maybe I'll be rid of him forever.  If I
don't, I'll probably end up dead'.  Her thoughts were reeling.  It
was time to come to a conclusion.  'I'll do it'.  She picked up the
phone and started dialing.  "Yes.  I want to run a classified ad in
the paper for tomorrow.  The ad is to read:  ATEAM Needed.  Will pay
well.  Contact Chris at 123 West Palm St.  San Diego.   Thank you. 
I'll look for it in tomorrow's paper".  She hung up and continued
pacing the floor.  'I did do the right thing, didn't I?'

The next day, the paper was delivered to Christina's house.  Many
people came to her house claiming to be the Ateam.  She knew that
none of them were who they said they were.  She had done extensive
research and studies on the Ateam just out of curiosity. 

Once again, there was a knock on the door.  Before she opened the
door, she peered through the window.  It was Hannibal in a terrible
disguise.  He was dressed as Mr. Lee; an oriental man.  She opened
the door and patiently waited for his speech.  "Hi.  Can I help
you?"  She asked kindly.  "My name is Mr. Lee.  I saw in the paper
that you need help".  The old man looked down at his feet and spoke
softly.  "Yes, I do.  However, I was looking for the Ateam only". 
She couldn't turn him away because she knew who he was.  She
continued to play his game, though.  "You must need their help pretty
bad to advertise in the paper?"  She couldn't help but to grin
slightly.  "I didn't intend to put them in danger with the military,
but I didn't know any other way to contact them.  I've kept an eye
out all morning for the military in hopes that they didn't read the
ad.  Colonel Decker does seem to be quite a pest at times.  Do you
have any idea how I can get in touch with them?  My life is danger
and I really want to hire them."

She was growing tired of playing this game, but was desperate.  "How
will they know that you aren't working for the military?"  Mr. Lee
asked.  "Because they would have been here by now and I have no
intentions of turning them in.  I believe with all my heart that
they're innocent of the charges brought against them."  The old man
removed his fake beard and wig and introduced himself.  "I'm Hannibal
Smith and you've just hired the Ateam".  He was smiling as he reached
out his hand for hers.  "Won't you come in Colonel?  By the way,
where are Face, B.A. and Murdock?  I need the team not just one
member."  Hannibal looked surprised.   "How do you know everybody's
name?"  He asked.  "I've done years of research and study on the
Ateam.  I was looking, hoping and searching for anything that would
prove you are innocent.  I want to help.  I knew who you were when I
looked out the window.  I've seen all of your disguises and know them
by heart."  Hannibal just shook his head in disbelief.  "The rest of
the guys are on the back street waiting for my okay."  He then
radioed the guys and told them to come on in.  They walked through
the door and were introduced to their new boss.  Face was the last to
shake hands with Christina.  They were captivated with each other. 
They seemed to be lost in each other's eyes.  "Face.  We have work to
do."  Hannibal said as he interrupted their gaze.  Face seemed to
almost blush as Hannibal spoke.  "Right, Colonel.  Now, why don't you
tell us what's going on?"  Face asked Christina smiling. 

She sat down and began her story.  "It all started when I was
twelve.  My cousin, Nicky and I, were watching television one day. 
There was a knock on the door.  When I opened the door, there was
this seventeen-year-old guy standing there claiming to be my
brother.  I looked at Nicky and he wouldn't respond.  I told him to
come in and then he explained to me that we were separated when I was
born.  I called my cousins back in Georgia and they were forced to
tell me that this guy really was my brother.  His name was
Christopher and he was here to spend some time with me.  I was happy
at first.  I couldn't figure out why nobody had told me about him
before.  He told me he wanted to take me to Georgia where we could
meet up with my cousins.  I agreed and went with him.  We had a
really great time and were actually bonding.  When we got to my
cousin's house in Georgia, everything went wrong.  I went inside to
get a photo album and the next thing I knew, my cousin Bo was walking
inside the room.  He said that Christopher had left.  Of course, I
just thought he went to the store or something and would be back.  I
was wrong.  He left me there for good.  When Bo explained to me that
Christopher was not coming back, I cried in his arms all night
long."  She went into the kitchen to fix them all tea.  "He abandoned
you at twelve.  Just left you there?"  Murdock asked.  She shook her
head yes and continued.  "I worked at the Boars Nest, a local bar,
until I got enough money to come back here.  By that time, I was
sixteen.  I enrolled at Carver High School here and met Nicky's
cousin Salami.  His real name was Mario Patrino.   We fell in love
and got engaged.  The night that we graduated high school, we had our
senior prom.  We were supposed to get married the next day.  Salami
was driving me home when a car came out of nowhere and hit us head
on.  The car caught on fire and I took off my seatbelt.  Salami's
wouldn't come off.  He insisted that I leave him and go to the other
side of the street.  After much arguing, I got out and ran to the
other side of the street.  As I turned around to face the car, it
blew up.  I tried to run to the car to save him, but by that time my
friends, Rick and AJ, were there holding me back.  I fought them with
everything I had.  They wouldn't let me go.  It was too late.  I
heard someone laughing in the distance.  I turned and saw
Christopher.  He had arranged the whole thing."  BA sat in
disbelief.  "Your brother killed your fiancé?"  Hannibal
asked.  "Yeah.  It gets worse, though.  After that he had my cousin
Nicky killed.  He died in my arms in a pool of his own blood."  "Can
you prove that?"  Face asked.  She shook her head.  "No.  I tried,
but the police say that it was robbers.  Nothing was missing.  He's
been trying to kill me ever since."  B.A.  asked, "Why is he trying
to kill you?"  "I inherited our parents estate.  He wants it and
there's no other way to get it unless I'm dead."  Face's eyes lit
up.  "Estate.  What are we talking about here?"  She simply
said "Everything.  This house and approximately 10 billion dollars." 
Face almost fell to the floor.  "10 billion dollars?"  Face asked. 
She couldn't help but smile.  "Yeah.  More money than I will ever
need or use.  Will you help me, please?  I'm tired of fighting
Christopher to stay alive.  I want to live in peace."  Hannibal
assured her that they would be able to help.

"You can stay here as long as you like.  There are enough rooms for
everyone.  I'll show you around."  Christina said as she led them
through the house.  The guys just looked at each other and smiled. 
She opened the door down the hall and led them into the
basement.  "This is the basement.  It's well equipped in case of an
emergency.  There are backup lights and the generators are outside
hooked up in case of a disaster.  There are two bedrooms, 2 full
baths, a full size game room, an exercise room and fully operative
kitchen."  The guys were amazed.  "This is incredible.  How did you
manage this?"  Hannibal asked.  "It was just a lot of imagination." 
Christina replied.  "I'll say."  Face added.

"Upstairs you'll find three bedrooms with full baths and a miniature
planetarium."  Everyone looked at each other.  "A planetarium?"  they
asked in unison.  "I love the stars.  You can't see them very well
out here in the city, so I made my own.  Back home, I used to lie
underneath the stars all night until I fell asleep.  I really miss
those days."  She sighed.

Face stood in the living room facing the wall, which held several
photos.  He had a confusing look on his face.  "What did you say your
last name was?"  Face asked curiously.  "Duke".  Face's eyes lit up
with excitement.  "Isn't this Bo Duke, the NASCAR driver, in this
picture with you?" he asked.  "Yeah.  He's my first cousin."  Murdock
stepped up behind Face and placed a hand on his shoulder.  "Oh
Faceman here is a big fan of your cousin Bo."  Christina
smiled.  "I'll introduce you if you want.  He gets a big head when he
learns he has fans".  Face just grinned from ear to ear.  This was
going to be fun after all.

Christina continued with the tour.   "Downstairs you'll find what I
like to call my ballroom.  There's also the hot tub room, two
bedrooms and full baths and an indoor pool.  Outside there's an in-
ground pool and picnic area.  You can choose any room you like and I
insist that you make yourself at home."  The guys started smiling at
each other.  "How about some dinner?"  Christina asked.  "Great.  I'm
starving."  B.A. said.  "Can I do the cooking?"  B. A. asked.  "Of
course.  If you need anything that I don't have, just let me know and
I'll get it for you".  Christina replied.  B.A.  went into the
kitchen and started hunting ingredients.  

After a wonderful dinner, they all sat in the living room trying to
put together a plan that would prevent Christopher from harming
Christina.  Almost three hours later, everyone except for Face and
Christina went to their rooms.  They sat on the couch.  "Wanna go
outside and sit for a little while?" she asked.  Face smiled and
said "Sure.  I'd like that". 

They walked outside and sat down on the bench beside the pool.  "It
must be pretty exciting being a part of the Ateam?" she asked
Face.  "It is, but it gets lonely.  The guys are the only family I
have".  He replied.  "I can't imagine life without my family.  It
must have been pretty rough growing up in an orphanage."  He looked
surprised.  "How did you know that?"  "I've done tons of research on
the Ateam trying to find something that would clear you of all the
charges brought against you."  Face couldn't believe what he was
hearing.  How could she care so much about people she's never met
before.  "You amaze me.  Most people I've met only care about
themselves.  You really care what happens to us, don't you?"  She
smiled and said "Yeah.  I do.  You spend your life trying to help
others and I figured that someone needs to spend their life helping
you.  It seems only fair, don't you think?"  Face just shook his
head.  "I've never really thought about someone helping us.  It
sounds nice, but I have a hard time trusting people".  She gently
laid her hand on his and said softly "Maybe you've just been trusting
the wrong people."  He leaned over and gently kissed her.  His hands
caressed her face as he leaned toward her and embraced her.  For the
next two hours, they talked, held hands and kissed until they decided
to turn in for the night.

About a month went by and Face and Christina were getting along
better than ever.  The whole team seemed to treat Christina like she
was part of their family.  One afternoon Face and Christina were
outside by the pool when Christina noticed Face had a really big
smile on his face.  "What?" she asked smiling.  "I haven't said
anything."  "You don't have to.  You're grinning like a possum eating
briars.  What is it?" she insisted.  "I never noticed it before, but
you really do favor your cousin Bo."  She softly blushed at this
comment.  "Is that a bad thing?" she asked.  He shook his no and
said "Not at all.  You're beautiful".  Her cheeks blushed a little
redder this time.  He leaned over and kissed her passionately.  "What
was that for?" she smiled.  "I can't help myself.  You're
incredible.  What do you say the two of us go out tonight to a nice
quiet restaurant and get better acquainted?"  He asked.  "I can't

That night she found the sexiest black dress that she had and dressed
up like she never had before.  She looked in the mirror and thought
to herself Perfect!  I actually look sexy!  Face was out in the
living room waiting for Chris.  He was dressed in a very nice
suit.  "Wow, Face!  You look like a million scammed dollars!" 
Murdock said.  "Thanks Murdock.  I hope Christina thinks I look
okay".  Just as he said that, Christina walked out into the living
room all dressed and ready to go.  Face and Murdock were silent and
just stared at her.  "What's wrong?  Why aren't you saying anything?"
she asked concerned.  "You look….breathtaking," Face whispered. 
Murdock almost swallowed his tongue as he stood there gazing at her
beauty.  "You are one lucky man Face" Murdock said.  "Thank you both
so much".  Murdock went upstairs and watched them as they walked out
the door.  "You know, you're incredibly handsome yourself.  I hope I
don't have to fight off any ladies tonight."  He just shook his head
and took her hand in his and said, "You don't have to worry about
that.  I only have eyes for you".  He bent down and kissed her ever
so gently.   Deserved Part 2