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Title:  Krakatoa!
Author:  Nubiangeek
Summary:  You know,  our guys and a big volcano.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:  I do not own SAJV characters nor do I make any money from them.

     The young woman cautiously approached Number 7 .  She took a breath and 
knocked on the door.
     A Frenchman,  Mr.  Fogg's manservant no doubt, answered.
     "I'm here to see Mr. Phileas Fogg."  She tried to look business-like and 
less like a simpering woman.
     "Mr.  Fogg is being in the parlor."  She followed the Frenchman into the 
parlor where they found Mr. Fogg opening the morning mail.  Passepartout led 
the young woman into the room and offered her a chair.
     "And who is this,  Passepartout?"
     Susan was very nervous,  but tried her best to put on a good front.  
When the woman hesitated Phileas said, "Passepartout, would you prepare tea 
for us please?"  Passepartout nodded and left the room.
     "Now,  Miss - er, please tell me what this is about."
     "My name is Susan Wallingsworth.  My husband Peter Wallingsworth was the 
captain of a trade ship that traveled back and forth between England and 
Java.  Six months ago,  his ship went down along with a shipment of gold.  I 
am embarking on an expedition to recover the gold."
     Phileas,  who was always up for an adventure, seriously considered what 
she was saying.
     "I would like to enlist you and your flying ship, for a percentage of 
the gold, of course."  Phileas eyed the young woman carefully.
     "Are there others to be involved in this little adventure?"
     Mrs. Wallingsworth explained that she had already hired a captain as 
well as pearl divers from Java.
     "We are also looking for someone who has other means to dive."
     Phileas seemed to get a twinkle in his eye.
     "I think that I know just the young man for the job."

     As Phileas and Mrs. Wallingsworth approached the laboratory,  they heard 
a loud explosion.  They both hurried in to see what the commotion was.
     As they entered the smoke-filled room,  they heard the voices of Jules 
and Passepartout before they actually saw them.
     When they arrived at the center of the room, they saw Jules throwing 
water on what appeared to be a huge creature.
     Upon closer inspection,  Phileas saw that the 'creature' was, in fact,  
     "What the devil are you trying to do, burn down this house?"  Jules 
continued to douse Passepartout with water.
     "I thought that it was obvious by my actions that I was actually trying 
to prevent that. "  Jules answered angrily.  Jules went further to explain 
what they were doing.
     "We have been working on a fire-proof suit."
     "I'd say that you need more experimentation - but not in my house!"
     After Passepartout had been completely put out, they moved to the parlor 
where Passepartout continued serving tea.
     Mrs. Wallingsworth explained again what she was looking for,  and asked 
Jules about a diving apparatus.
     "I have been working on such a sphere.  All of it is still experimental, 
 I'm afraid."  She understood completely,  but asked if he were interested.  
Of course,  he said that he was.
     "What is the purpose of using the Aurora?"  Jules asked.
     "The water in that region is very clear.  I figured that we could see 
where the wreck was, so that we would know where to dive.  I know the general 
place, but the wreck might have drifted since then."
     The plan sounded feasible.  Phileas realized that he was not dealing 
with any ordinary woman.
     They would be flying in the Aurora to the island of Java, where they 
would embark the Batavia Queen and meet the rest of their crew.

     The flight in the Aurora from England to Java followed the trade routes 
of English ships.  The winds from April to October brought just the right 
conditions for good sailing.  But,  because of the winds,  there was also the 
chance of severe storms.
     So,  with fair winds and no storms,  as of yet,  they made Java without 
     After disembarking in Java, belongings were gathered and supplies 
purchased.  It was at this time, that Mrs.  Wallingsworth was to meet the 
rest of her crew.
     The first person that she met was her captain, Kris Hanson.  He was a 
crusty, old sailor if you ever saw one.
     "Mr. Hanson,  I presume?"  Kris Hanson eyed her suspiciously.  It was 
rare to see a white woman here.  Those that he had seen were daughters of 
rich planters looking for a diversion.  He despised them.
     "Who are you?"  he boomed.
     "I am S.H. Wallingsworth - Susan Hillary Wallingsworth."  Kris Hanson 
suddenly realized that his expected passenger. S.H. Wallingsworth, was female.  
He hurriedly removed his hat.
     "I am very sorry Miss - er - Mrs. - I didn't know."
     She often used her initials so that she would not be taken advantage of. 
 She loved to see the looks on the men's faces when they saw that she was a 
     "That's quite all right.  Now,  is everything ready for the voyage?"
     "Yes ma'am,  All is in readiness."
     She went aboard and inspected the supplies and equipment that had been 
     In the meantime, Phileas and Jules started moving their things into the 
boat.  They were endeavoring in this process when three Javanese women 
     "Is this the Batavia Queen?"  one of them asked in broken English.  
Jules, immediately taken by the girl's beauty, answered.
     "Yes,  this is the Batavia Queen.  My name is Jules Verne and you are?"
     The girl smiled shyly.
     "I am Toshi and these are my sisters.  We are pearl divers.  We have 
come to bless the ship for voyage."
     Jules smiled and bowed in a gesture that said, 'feel free'.  Toshi 
smiled and she and her sisters began the ritual of blessing the boat.
     Jules watched as the petite dark-skinned girl sang and placed flowers on 
the boat.  Next, the other two girls joined in and lit a candle as well.
     When they had finished the blessing, the girls began moving their things 
into the boat.
     "Are you going to help or what?"  Phileas asked.  Jules, who had been 
admiring Toshi's form,  answered.
     "Uh - yes.  I'm coming."

      "I'm sorry.  You have no choice.  You have to transport them."  Captain 
Hanson was angry.  
     "And what if I refuse?"  The angry Captain asked.
     "Then you will not be allowed to sail.  You must travel north to Sumatra 
and deliver these prisoners.  It is on your way."  He didn't like it.  
Traveling with hardened criminals would add an extra hardship to the voyage.
     "We will pay you.  There are thirty of them and we will pay you 2 pounds 
per head."
     Captain Hanson didn't like it.  And now with having a woman on board,  
he especially didn't like it. He didn't see that he had any choice.
     "Alright,  we'll take 'em.  Have your men put 'em in the hold.  They're 
chained aren't they?"  The constable assured him that they were.
     When Mrs. Wallingsworth returned from inspecting the ship, Captain 
Hanson had to inform her of the bad news.
     "And they won't let us sail without them?"  she implored.  Captain 
Hanson shook his head.
     This trip was not turning out as planned.  She was hoping that this 
would not take long - and now this.
     When Passepartout returned with much needed supplies,  they prepared to 
set sail.  Word of the prisoners had spread to the other passengers and crew 
and Phileas, Passepartout, and Jules made ready to defend the ship if 
     There was one prisoner in particular that Captain Hanson had recognized. 
 His name was James Farris.  He had saved the life of Captain Hanson years 
before and now Hanson felt as if he owed something to the man.
     "Ah,  Captain Hanson."  Hanson had always felt that Farris was a slimy 
sort,  but he owed him.
     "Hey there, Farris.  Is there anything I can do for you, short of 
setting you free that is."  Hanson tried to make light of it.  He had to 
remember that Farris, too was a murderer.
     "Well,  I sure would like to stay up here in the fresh air,  chained of 
     Hanson looked at him closely.  Well,  I do owe him, he thought.  And,  
where would he go in the middle of the ocean?
     "All right,  but don't you try anything funny."
     "You have my word, Hanson."  Little did Hanson know, but Farris' word 
wasn't worth much these days.

            As the set sail for a position west of Java,  they were again blessed 
with fair weather.  As Susan Wallingsworth stood at the railing, she was 
reminded of her husband.  A tear slid slowly down her cheek.
     "It is beautiful, isn't it?"  Phileas had approached silently not 
wanting to interfere with her revery.
     "Yes, it is."  Susan answered as she wiped away a tear.
     "My husband,  Peter, loved the sea.  He used to say that it made him 
feel so free."
     "Why did you embark on this voyage?"  Phileas asked.  He was staring 
directly into her eyes.  She could barely concentrate.
     "To retrieve my husband's lost shipment,  what else?"  A slow smile 
spread across Phileas' face.
     "You want a bit of that freedom for yourself, don't you?"  He asked.
      Mrs. Wallingsworth smiled suspiciously.
      "I guess you're right.  I wanted to do something - an adventure, you 
know?"  Phileas smiled again.
     "Yes,  I think I know what you mean."

     The weather continued to be fine and fair.  It was a good day for 
sailing as well as flying.  
     "We're going up to take a look."
     Jules was in his element.  The fresh sea air was whipping through his 
hair.  The ocean's spray was blowing in his face.
     Jules climbed the rope ladder up into the Aurora with Passepartout on 
his heels.
     "What are they doing?"  Captain Hanson asked.
     "They're going to see if they can see the sunken ship from the air.  The 
water is so clear here that they should be able to get a good view."  Phileas 
     After a few moments, Jules called down to them.
     "We see something.  I think it's here."
     A cheer went up from the crew; even though, it wasn't certain that this 
was the Wallingsworth vessel.  Things did look promising.
     Jules wasn't the only one benefiting from the fresh sea air.  Phileas 
felt great.  He could only imagine what life for a sailor would be like.  He 
imagined what it would be like to awake to this wonderful view every morning.
     Phileas returned from his revery in time to see Jules and Passepartout 
scurrying down the ladder.
     "How close are you to using the diving bell?  Mrs. Wallingsworth asked.  
Jules looked at Passepartout for an answer.
     "It is now in readiness."  Passepartout announced happily.  Jules and 
Passepartout went to prepare the bell.
     Farris was watching them with narrowing eyes.  He was biding his time.  
All he had to do was wait until they were so busy that they weren't paying 
attention to him,  then he would strike.  He looked over at the dinghies 
lashed to the ship.  All he would have to do is get one of the dinghies and 
put it into the water.  He had been saving food in a cloth sack hidden among 
the extra rope coil.  All he needed now was his moment to run.
     The bell was being lifted into the water.  Mrs.  Wallingsworth watched 
expectantly as the bell was lowered into the water.
     "Do you think they've found my husband's ship?"  she asked.  Phileas 
didn't answer, but his smile said it all.
      "Do you think that the gold will still be there?" 
      Farris' ears perked up.  Gold?  So,  it was gold that they were after.  
Farris had originally thought that they were just looking for the wreckage to 
confirm her husband's death,  but now,  there was gold involved.  Farris 
would have to alter his plans.
     Passepartout was very excited as the bell descended into the murky 
depths.  He watched through the window as the bell was covered completely 
with water.  He watched as the colorful fish floated by.
     It was eerie.  It was quiet there under the water.  The two men almost 
forgot why they were actually there.
     "Do you see anything on your side,  Passepartout?"  Jules asked as he 
guided the bell into place.
     "I see many colorful fishes,  but no boat yet."  Passepartout continued 
to peer through the water.  The water had looked so clear from the air.  Now, 
everything was distorted.
     "Wait a minute,  I am seeing something."  It was a ship! There was no 
way yet to know if it was Wallingsworth's ship.
     Jules pulled the cord that would let them know up top that they were 
ready to come up.
     "That's the signal."  Phileas said excitedly.  The crewmen began to turn 
the wench which would bring the bell back up to the surface.
     Hanson and Phileas rushed to the side of the boat to see them brought 
back on board.
     When the hatch was opened,  Jules spoke immediately.
     "It was beautiful down there."
     Phileas was losing patience.
     "Did you get the measurements?"  he asked.  Jules knew what Phileas was 
asking, but he thought that he would toy with his friend.
     "Yes,  I did that too."
    According to Jules' measurements, the boat was within diving range for 
the pearl divers. The pearl divers were trained in holding their breath for a 
long time and diving to great depths.
     The girls readied themselves on the side of the boat.
     Toshi,  the most experienced of the divers, jumped off first.  They 
waited and watched for signs that she was resurfacing.  Everyone seemed to be 
holding their breath, so to speak, just as Toshi was doing.
     A few minutes later,  Toshi did resurface.  She had a piece of a mast 
head in her hands.
     "It's from my husbands' ship!"  Again, a cheer went up.
     It was getting late,  so they decided that the young women would 
continue diving in the morning.
     Spirits were high as they sat down to dinner.
     After dinner,  Phileas saw Mrs.  Wallingsworth again walking alone on 
deck.  He noticed that her dark hair that was usually wound into a tight bun, 
 was now flowing free and blowing in the breeze.
     Her back was to him, so he had an opportunity to admire her slim figure 
at his leisure.
     As if sensing his presence,  Susan Wallingsworth turned to see the 
mysterious man, Phileas Fogg , staring at her from the shadows.
     "May I help you?"  she asked sarcastically.
     Phileas walked out of the shadows and into the moonlight.  he had wanted 
to kiss her from the moment the he met her.
     He silently approached her and kissed her passionately.  Susan, who was 
taken off-guard,  turned and slapped him.
     "Oh,  Mr. Fogg.  I am so sorry."  Phileas,  who was not used to having 
his advances shunned,  was in shock.
     "No,  it is I who am sorry.  I thought - well never mind.  Good evening, 
Mrs.  Wallingsworth."
     What had she done?  It wasn't that she wouldn't have liked to be kissed 
by Mr. Fogg. It was just that she had not been kissed by anyone since Peter's 
death.  Now she was afraid that she had hurt Mr.  Fogg's feelings
     "Oh damn!"  she swore.

Krakatoa Pt. 2