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Krakatoa Pt. 2

     The sun rose bright and beautiful.  It was almost a complete duplicate 
of the day before.  Toshi and the other divers prepared for the day's diving.  
They seemed to be doing breathing exercises.  Jules strolled over to have a 
casual conversation with Toshi.  Whatever was said brought a smile and a rain 
of giggles from Toshi and the other girls.  
       "Verne, let the girls get on with their exercises."  Phileas was 
irritated to say the least.  The sooner they got the gold up from the bottom 
of the ocean, the better.
     The girls began talking amongst themselves about the best way to 
proceed.  They decided on a sort of relay approach. Toshi would go first and 
the rest would follow suit.
     Toshi took a breath and then dove into the warm, clear water.  Everyone 
stood on deck and watched the water anxiously.  Farris watched everyone as 
they watched the water.  This would be a perfect opportunity for him to get 
away - with the gold.  He kept his eyes open for a weapon.
     In the meantime,  Toshi surfaced and was saying something to the next 
girl,  who proceeded to dive to the wreck.
     This procedure was repeated several times until it was again Toshi's 
turn to dive.  While everyone's attention was on the divers,  Farris came up 
behind Captain Hanson and grabbed his weapon.
     "All right, everyone,  let's relax."  He held the gun to the Captain's 
head as he ordered all other weapons to be given to him.
     "Now,  Mr. Fogg,  if you would be so kind as to let my fellow prisoner's 
go. "  When he saw the horrified looks from the crew and passengers,  he 
     "There's no way I can watch all of you."  Farris tossed the keys that he 
had plucked from Hanson to Fogg.  Fogg's first reaction was to toss them 
overboard,  but he was eyeing the gun at Hanson's head.  Phileas reluctantly 
went below and unlocked the brig.
     The prisoners,  who didn't realize yet who their benefactor was, began 
to storm up to the deck and grab weapons that had recently been taken from 
the crew.
     When Fogg returned above deck,  he realized that both Jules and 
Passepartout had been taken.
     "Come,  join us Mr. Fogg."  Phileas felt his face biled as he saw 
Farris' hands on Mrs.  Wallingsworth whom he now held captive.
     "You will kindly release Mrs.  Wallingsworth this instant, sir."  Farris 
looked at Phileas to make sure he was serious.  Then he threw back his head 
and laughed.  It was a rich, hardy laugh.
     "I don't believe you have any say in the matter, sir."  Farris squeezed 
Susan close to himself and it took every ounce of control for Phileas not to 
throttle Farris.
     They were momentarily distracted as Toshi climbed aboard holding a box 
in her hand.  She was grabbed immediately upon re-embarking the vessel.  This 
time it was Jules who threatened to break free and throttle someone.
     "If you gentlemen would kindly stop trying to play hero, no one will get 
     What Farris didn't count on was the wild,  erratic behavior of the 
prisoners.  He thought that they would be grateful to him for releasing them 
and then follow him as their new leader.  This was not to be.  Farris was 
willing to take his chances.  After all,  there was strength in numbers.
     Farris ordered the prisoners to bind the hands of the guests and place  
them in the brig that was formerly housing the prisoners.  Farris took the 
box that Toshi had found among the wreckage.
     Farris greedily took the small chest into the Captain's quarters where 
he opened the chest.

     "Toshi,  did you get a chance to see what was in that chest?"  Jules 
     "No,  I did not."  The frightened girl stammered.
     Next,  Phileas asked Susan about the chest.
     "Yes, from what I could see, the chest did belong to Peter."
     Passepartout dared to speak what they were all thinking.
     "Do you think that they would be killing us?"

     Before anyone could answer,  Farris came storming down to the brig.
     "Would you come with me please,  Mrs.  Wallingsworth?"  Phileas jumped 
up intending  to attack Farris.
     "I am beyond patience, sir.  If you attempt to attack me again,  I will 
kill all of you,  make no mistake."  He was gone with Mrs.  Wallingsworth in 
     Together,  they returned to the Captain's quarters.
     "Mrs.  Wallingsworth, do you understand what this means?"  He handed her 
a folded piece of paper.  He watched her anxiously as her eyes scanned the paper.  
Mrs.  Wallingsworth let out a throaty laugh that seemed to irritate Farris.
     "I do not see the humor in this situation, madam."  Farris was 
definitely upset.
     "Am I to understand that this note means that there is no treasure?"  he 
asked pitifully.
     Mrs.  Wallingsworth read the note:
     "My dearest Susan,  if you are reading this note,  it means that I did 
not survive the voyage home.  You will indeed wonder what has 
become of the cargo that I was carrying.  It, too,  has been spirited away.  
Things are not what they seem.  As the priest at the church on Krakatoa has 
often told me."
     "I think that if you told those prisoners out there that there is no 
gold,  they are going to rip you apart."  Mrs.  Wallingsworth smiled 
     Farris began to panic.  He knew that she was right.
     "I am ready to go back to my cell, sir."  She was enjoying this far too 
     The prisoners had already gotten into the liquor supply and were well on 
their way to getting drunk.

      Farris brought Susan back to the others where she promptly reported what 
had taken place.  She did, however, leave out one tidbit of information - 
what the note her husband left meant.
     "We've got to get out of here before they run the ship aground."  Susan 
     "Wait a minute.  I have an idea."  Jules said excitedly.
     He quickly took off his shirt which brought peals of giggles from Toshi 
and her sisters.  He began dipping his shirt in the water bucket.  He then 
wrung it out,  and began twisting it around two of the bars of the cell.
     "You see,  the explanation is quite simple.  All you have to do is . . 
. " Phileas was growing impatient.
     "Never mind the explanation, Verne, just do it."
     In just minutes,  the two bars pulled together leaving a space big 
enough for a person to fit through.
     "This way to the armory,  if they haven't gotten all of the weapons 
yet."  Captain Hanson shouted.
     They were in luck.  When they reached the armory,  there were several 
weapons available.
     As soon as everyone was well-armed,  they moved out to take over the 
     Their surprise attack was foiled when the ship's bell rang out the 
escape of the prisoners.
     Farris ran around frantically trying to rally the drunken prisoners,  
with little success.
     "Come on you drunks.  I should have known better than to let you out."
     It took little time at all to round up these men.  They fought 
helplessly until they all ended up in the drink.  All, that is, except for 
Farris.  He now faced Captain Hanson, his old friend turned foe.
     "Ah,  so now it comes down to this."  Farris said sadly.
    Captain Hanson felt sad for this man whom always seemed to make bad 
     "Hanson, may I make a request?"  Phileas laughed.
     I think that you are far beyond making any requests, sir."  Captain 
Hanson held up his hand for Phileas to stop.
    "Let's just hear what he has to say,  Mr. Fogg."  Everyone's eyes were on 
Farris at this moment.
     "Don't throw me into the drink like the others.  I would like to remain 
on board and be delivered to the prison as arranged."  Phileas again laughed.
     "So,  are we to believe that you won't try to escape again?"  Phileas 
was beginning to annoy Farris.
     "You have my word."
     Captain Hanson stared at him for a couple of minutes and then held the 
key to the brig out to Phileas.
     "Mr. Fogg,  you may do the honors."  Phileas smiled broadly.
     "It would be my pleasure."
     He led Farris down to the brig.
     When he returned to the deck, Phileas sought out Mrs. Wallingsworth.  He 
saw her staring out at the water as he had seen her do before.
     "And now,  Mrs. Wallingsworth.  If you would be so kind as to tell me 
what was in the box."
     She turned and stared at the man before her.  His eyes were clear and 
bright green.  How could she resist him?  Could she deny him anything?
     "There was no treasure - only a note from Peter."  She presented the 
note to Phileas and waited while he read it.
     "And you think that this means, what, exactly?"  Phileas asked.
     "I think that Peter left the gold with the priest on Krakatoa."  Phileas 
looked at her wondering if he could trust her.  She had no reason to lie.
     "All right,  then we set sail for Krakatoa." 
     He readily informed the Captain of their plans and they soon set sail in 
that direction.

      In  the meantime, Jules took this opportunity to talk to Toshi.  She 
was, as usual, sitting with her sisters on deck.
     "Toshi,  may I speak with you, please?"  He asked formally.  The sisters 
giggled at his formal speech,  but Toshi followed Jules over to an 
unoccupied portion of the ship.
     Toshi was curious about the handsome young man that wanted to speak to 
her.  Jules didn't know quite what to say to her.  He knew that she didn't 
understand very much English.  He ended up by simply kissing her.  She 
returned the kiss with much passion which seemed to please Jules quite a lot.

     That evening,  the temperature began to rise dramatically.  The 
passengers began to unclothe themselves as far as modesty served.
     Toshi and her sisters were used to the heat,  but Mrs.  Wallingsworth 
was not.
     They also began hearing strange noises which sounded like missiles.  In 
fact, when the strange noises were first heard, they took cover and prepared 
to do battle.  There were no other ships on the horizon.
     There was also a strange orange glow on the horizon.  The sun had gone 
down several hours before.

       As the Batavia Queen arrived at Krakatoa,  they saw the huge volcano for 
the first time.  The ash that was being spewed from it's opening made the 
island look as if it was in the arctic instead of the warm south Pacific.
     When they landed,  Fogg and Mrs.  Wallingsworth made their way quickly 
to the church and sought out the priest there.
     As they were walking,  Mrs.  Wallingsworth said to Phileas, "You know 
that I cannot be sure that the gold is actually here.  I mean, that is how I 
interpreted Peter's letter,  but I could be wrong."
     As they approached the church the volcano began to belch again and the 
bright orange lava began to flow.
     "We've got to hurry."  They turned to go just as Jules called after them.
     "Fogg,  here,  you might need this.  Mrs.  Wallingsworth,  you'd better 
come back with me."  She looked at Phileas who nodded for her to go back.
     Phileas continued ahead to the church.  He watched as several  villagers 
ran past him heading for their boats.
    When Phileas entered the church,  he saw the priest running around 
collecting objects - maybe relics or idols.
    "Excuse me, are you in charge here?"  Phileas asked.  The man stopped and 
looked at Phileas as if he were crazy.
    "I'm here on behalf of Peter Wallingsworth."  At hearing the name 
Wallingsworth,  the priest stopped in his tracks.
     "Did you say Wallingsworth?"  He then went over to a secret compartment 
in the altar and pulled out a cloth bag.
     "This belongs to Mrs.  Wallingsworth . . . "
     All of a sudden, there was a rumbling sound and the whole side of the 
church gave way.  Lava began pouring into the church.
      "Let's go."  Phileas cried.
     They made a run for it as the church began to crash in on itself.
     The old priest could not keep up and was trapped under a heavy beam.  
Phileas came back to help.
     "No, no you go.  You'll only be trapped along with me."
     Phileas looked around.  Under normal circumstances,   he would stay and 
help ,  but he could see that the priest was right.  There was no sense in 
both of them dying.
     When Phileas stepped outside the door,  he could see that the lava was 
all around the church.  He was trapped.

     Then,  he remembered the package that Jules had given him.  It contained 
the suit that Jules and Passepartout had been working on.  He put it on and 
prayed that Jules had worked the kinks out of it.
     He stepped out into the heat.  It was fascinating being sealed in a 
cocoon and being able to see the world around him.
     He didn't see any people and he hoped that everyone made it to the boats 
safely.  When he reached the shore, he could see that the lava was falling 
into the sea.  There was a loud hissing sound as the hot liquid hit the cool 
     "Monsieur Fogg, you being all right!"  Passepartout and Jules came 
running to meet him.
     "We need to get out of here as quickly as possible."  Phileas said as he 
peeled out of the suit and handed it to Jules.  They headed for the ship.  
When they reached it, they saw that some of the villagers were on board.
     "They had no way off the island."  Susan said as a way of explanation.  
Most of them were women and children.
     "All right, everyone down below,  quickly."
     Phileas began herding everyone below decks.  He stopped Susan just as 
she was about to go below.
     "By the way,  I believe that this belongs to you."  He dropped the cloth 
bag into her hands as he went below.  there was a wider smile on her face as 
she followed.    

     They put out to sea and tried to get as far from the island as possible. 
 When they had gotten out into open sea, there was a huge econoclastic blast 
and it seemed as if the island were splitting apart.  The next sound they 
heard was a sound like the whole ocean was an old man getting up from a chair.
     "Batten the hatches!"  The captain called as the crew scrambled over the 
deck bringing down the sails.
     "Verne,  Passepartout, go up and get the Aurora out of danger."  Phileas 
was shouting above the sound of the wind and the waves.
     As Passepartout and Jules scrambled from below,  Toshi rushed out behind 
     Waves started breaking over the deck and flaming chunks of hardened lava 
landed on the deck.
     "Toshi, go back below! Jules gestured and yelled.  Toshi couldn't quite 
hear him and misunderstood his gestures to mean that he wanted her to come to 
     Toshi made her way across the deck to reach Jules when a huge flaming 
rock landed on her.
     "No-o-o-!" Jules cried as Passepartout half-dragged him up the ladder.
     The crew hurried to put out the fire before it consumed the wooden 
     Passepartout had managed to haul the still grieving Jules into the 
      "I am sorry having grabbed you, Monsieur Jules."  Passepartout went to 
detach the Aurora from the Batavia Queen.  The wind was whipping mercilessly. 
 In a few moments, they would be able to fly far above the wind and the waves.
     "It is too bad not all can ride in the Aurora."  Passepartout was making 
idle conversation, but realized too late his mistake.

Krakatoa Pt. 3